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Your decision to choose breast augmentation in Newport Beach is an intimately personal one. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Savalia, will work closely with you to help you come to the best decisions about surgical breast enhancement.

Dr. Savalia takes a conservative approach to breast augmentation and achieving a naturally enhanced appearance, without sacrificing beautiful breast shape. By incorporating Vectra® 3D Imaging, we can show you possible options for breast shape and size and help you select the perfect implants to enhance your figure.

Reasons for breast augmentation

These are some of the common reasons women consider breast augmentation

  • I’ve always felt that my breasts are small and want to make a change
  • My breasts are smaller now that I’ve had kids, and I want to get back what I used to have
  • I want to balance my body proportions
  • I’m self-conscious about how I look in a swimsuit or other revealing clothing

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is ideal for women who want to increase their breast size, or for those whose breasts have changed in size and appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding or following weight loss. Breast implants enhance your figure by adding volume, and both silicone gel and saline implants are available for a higher level of customization.

The best candidates for surgery are in good health physically and mentally and have realistic expectations about the results. We understand that undergoing breast enhancement is a big decision, and we will provide you with all the resources to feel confident in the choice you make.

How do I choose the best size for my breast implants?

Choosing the right implant size for your body is a personal decision that should be made with ample thought and consideration. Dr. Savalia will help you to choose the best implants during your confidential consultation in Newport Beach.

Breast implants come in more diverse shapes, sizes and textures today than ever before, allowing you to customize your look and derive maximum satisfaction from your breast augmentation surgery.

Here are some important factors you should consider when choosing your breast implants:


Each patient will have different goals for their breast augmentation procedure. Some will want breasts that are more proportionate to their figure, while others will desire a more voluptuous bust that highlights their femininity. Your choice in breast implant size will be directly linked to your aesthetic sensibilities. 

Your anatomy:

Some women have ample breast tissue to help camouflage their implants, while others do not. In cases where the patient has only limited amounts of breast tissue, it is important to choose modestly sized implants to maintain a natural look. Additionally, the breadth of the shoulders and chest will determine if larger cup sizes can be structurally supported. Breast symmetry will also play a role in your choice of implants. If one breast is smaller than the other, the implants may have to be different sizes as well in order to compensate. 

Your lifestyle:

Your personal level of activity will determine if larger cup sizes can be well supported. Those active women who often engage in physical training, sports, dance, or other rigorous activities should consider choosing moderately sized implants that do not inhibit their movements.

The breast augmentation procedure

Through an incision made around the areola or within the breast crease, Dr. Savalia will place your selected implants below the chest muscles. In some cases, he may recommend incorporating a breast lift along with implants to lift and reshape natural breast tissue while increasing volume.

All about breast implants

There are many breast implant options available for women who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Newport Beach. Breast implants have been extensively studied and tested, and the resulting research and new developments allow women the choice of many highly-advanced options. Dr. Savalia uses only FDA-approved implants in augmentation and reconstruction procedures.

Breast implant types

Breast implants fall into two categories based on the material they are made from. All breast implants have an outer shell constructed of pliable silicone. Within the silicone shell, an implant may be filled with saline (a medical-grade saltwater solution) or with silicone gel.

Silicone gel breast implants

  • This implant type has been approved by the FDA for breast augmentation in the United States since 200
  • Silicone gel implants are the most common type of implant used in the U.S. and worldwide
  • These implants give a more natural feel to the breast when compared to saline breast implants
  • Silicone gel implants hold their shape and size well and are less likely to “bottom out” than saline implants
  • These implants are pre-filled by the manufacturer and may require a slightly larger incision than is needed in placing saline implants
  • Silicone gel implants are FDA-approved for women age 22 and older for primary breast augmentation

Saline breast implants

  • This implant type is filled with sterile saltwater, which is compatible with the human body
  • Saline implants are filled after being placed, which allows for a slightly smaller incision for placement and adjustment of volume after insertion
  • If the implant should leak and saline is released, it is absorbed by your body, safely
  • This type of implant is more likely to develop aesthetic imperfections such as wrinkling, rippling, double-bubble, and bottoming out
  • Compared to silicone gel implants, saline implants look and feel less like natural breast tissue
  • This is the only implant type approved for women between the ages of 18–21 for primary breast augmentation

Let's Talk

There are several things to discuss about implants, including profile and shell texture. Most commonly, “teardrop” or “anatomical” implants have a textured outer shell to reduce the chance the implant will rotate within the breast pocket.

Dr. Savalia’s recommendation will be based on what is right for you after evaluating your anatomy and carefully listening to your goals for the surgery. All aspects of breast implants are covered in detail in your private your consultation.

I take a conservative approach to breast augmentation that helps my patients achieve a naturally enhanced appearance, without sacrificing a beautiful breast shape.

Implant shapes and sizes

Round implants

Round implants are circular and slightly flat, and the material inside responds to gravity, just like natural breast tissue. These implants do not control the shape of the breast; instead, they “fill” the breast.

In general, they are most appropriate for women who have a nice natural breast shape but want additional volume. Round implants come in a wide range of widths and levels of projection. Our Vectra 3D imaging system will allow you to see how each type will appear on your frame.

Anatomical (teardrop-shaped) implants

Anatomical or “teardrop” shaped implants are designed with an increased amount of fill material on the bottom, to more accurately mimic the natural shape and slope of the breasts.

The implants hold their shape and control the shape of the breast rather than “fill” the breast. These implants can be the right choice for women who have a relatively flat breast without a natural slope, who would like to have a small-to-modest increase in volume.

Should I choose saline or silicone?

Although either saline or silicone implants will provide beautiful results, Dr. Savalia will fully explain the benefits each implant type has to offer:

Saline implants consist of a sterile saltwater solution encased in a silicone shell. They can be used for cosmetic breast enlargement in women 18 and over and are less expensive than their silicone counterparts. Since saline implants can be inserted empty and filled after placement, smaller incisions are placed during surgery.

Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel that has the consistency of soft jelly. These implants are currently the more popular choice. Most women think their texture feels more like organic breast tissue.

Another type of silicone implant is the anatomically shaped silicone gel implant, often called “gummy bear” implants. These are teardrop-shaped rather than round, filled with a form-stable silicone gel with the consistency of gummy bear candy—firm, yet yielding. Gummy bear implants can deliver very natural-looking results, particularly in breast reconstruction.

3D imaging: Visualizing your results in 3D

During our Newport Beach breast augmentation consultation, we offer Vectra 3D imaging so you can see what specific implant types and sizes may look like on your body frame before scheduling surgery. We will spend all the time you need discussing implant size and shape and which incision options are involved with a focus on helping you achieve the look you envision.

After your breast augmentation

After your procedure, you will be provided with detailed post-operative instructions to ensure you heal as smoothly as possible. The first 24 to 48 hours after your surgery are likely to be the most uncomfortable, with your breasts feeling swollen and tender.

Most of our patients are ready to resume their regular daily activities after about a week. We will carefully track your recovery and have you return to our office for follow-up appointments. We are always available to respond to any questions or concerns.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, it is typical to have a lot of questions beforehand. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach works closely with his patients to make sure they feel comfortable and confident about moving forward. Read answers to some of the common questions we hear from patients about breast implants and augmentation.

If you are ready to move forward with breast enhancement, contact us today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation at our private, luxury Newport Beach office in Orange County. We are dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience from consultation through recovery as we help you achieve the look you envision for your breasts.

Are breast implants right for me?

The best candidates for breast augmentation should be in good overall physical and mental health. However, beyond these considerations, it’s also essential that you’re choosing breast enlargement for the right reasons. Dr. Savalia will listen carefully to ensure he understands your personal goals for breast augmentation and then help you to decide on the best way to reach those goals. Breast implants can give you a subtle enhancement, improve symmetry, correct problems like tubular breasts, or give your figure a dramatic boost. Regardless of your specific reasons, breast implants should be something you are choosing for you, and you alone.

Will implants fix droopy breasts?

Some women aren’t as concerned with the size of their breasts as they are with placement. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and nursing, and the normal aging process can all affect where the breasts sit on your chest, sometimes resulting in a droopy, saggy appearance. It’s a common misconception that breast implants alone will give your breasts the high, firm look they once had. In reality, implants only increase your breasts’ volume. To improve placement, Dr. Savalia may recommend a breast lift either with or without implants for a fuller, perkier profile.

How do I decide on implant and incision placement?

In addition to implant size, we will need to discuss placement of your implants (below or above the muscle) and incision location. There are pros and cons to all of the options, and it is necessary to look at the big picture to make the right decision for you. For example, if your heart is set on anatomically shaped silicone implants, you may also need an inframammary incision (hidden in the natural breast crease) because these implants require slightly larger incisions. If you are very slender and have little natural breast tissue and want saline implants, Dr. Savalia may suggest submuscular placement, to achieve extra tissue coverage. Again, these decisions all come down to what will look best on your body while still meeting your hopes for breast enlargement.

How can I pick the perfect implant size?

Many patients voice concerns about becoming too large or too small. Deciding on the perfect breast size for you depends on several factors: your desired results, your existing anatomy—the width of your ribcage, natural breast tissue, the size of your frame—and how physically active you are, to name a few. Additionally, size isn’t the only consideration—we need to select the shape and profile that will work best on your body. Dr. Savalia’s role as your plastic surgeon includes using his expertise to help you understand how all of these elements work together, so you and he can select the size, shape, and projection that will match your personal aesthetic goals. With our Vectra 3D imaging, the guesswork is taken out of the process. With Vectra 3D, you can view an image of your own body to see how you will look with different implant sizes and profiles.

Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery

Why choose us?

Dr. Nirav Savalia is an experienced, compassionate board-certified plastic surgeon who delivers elegant, nuanced results with breast augmentation in Newport Beach,  Orange County, and beyond. As a Clinical Assistant Professor at UCI Medical Center and Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Savalia consistently gives back to his community by educating up-and-coming plastic surgeons in his innovative, cutting-edge techniques.

Dr. Savalia is the proud recipient of the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award and is categorized as among the Castle Connolly Top Doctors of 2019. After obtaining his Medical Doctorate from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Dr. Savalia trained in the demanding field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, completing an elite fellowship that sharpened his skills and refined his artistry.

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