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What is body contouring after weight loss?

Body contouring procedures can help remove excess skin after major weight loss. This type of surgery improves the tone of the underlying tissues and removes excess fat and skin. Surgical body contouring after weight loss can give you smoother contours and a better-proportioned appearance.

Are you a good candidate for body contouring after weight loss?

Body contouring can be an ideal solution to improve your figure after major weight loss by addressing loose skin and excess tissue that can’t be resolved with diet or exercise, no matter how hard you try. Finally reaching your weight loss goal is a victory worth celebrating. Yet, the excess skin and tissue that is often left behind are frustrating. Dr. Savalia understands this frustration and wants to help you look your best and feel great about all you have accomplished.

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Is this you?

Here are some common reasons we hear for considering cosmetic surgery after weight loss:

  • I’ve lost the weight, but now I’m self-conscious about loose skin and lingering flab
  • The excess skin I have after losing weight is uncomfortable and causes chafing
  • The loose skin on my body reminds me of the person I was, not who I want to be

What are your options for body contouring in Newport Beach?

Body contouring procedures are designed to help post-weight loss patients achieve smoother, slimmer contours after they have reached their target weight and maintained it steadily for several months or more. Your options include:

  • Abdominoplasty – Also known as a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty specifically improves the contours of your belly, removing excess skin and tissue and tightening muscles that may have become lax
  • Arm lift – An arm lift tightens loose skin on the upper arm and can also remove fatty deposits for a more toned appearance
  • Breast enhancement – Women may choose breast reduction for a slimmer look after weight loss, breast lift for firmer, more youthful-looking breasts, or breast augmentation to enhance their curves
  • Liposuction – Although liposuction alone won’t correct loose skin, it can be invaluable for creating natural contours and further refining your body shape
  • Male breast reduction – Gynecomastia, a common problem for overweight men, can be resolved through male breast reduction
  • Thigh lift – A thigh lift can tighten skin on the inner thighs, outer thighs, or both, lifting the skin and removing fatty tissue for a more streamlined lower body shape
  • Lower body lift – Also known as a belt lipectomy or circumferential abdominoplasty, this procedure extends a tummy tuck incision completely around the torso to tighten the skin on the thighs and buttocks in addition to the abdomen
  • Panniculectomy – The pannus, a flap of fatty tissue hanging below the abdomen, often exaggerated after weight loss, can be removed with this procedure
  • Bra line upper back lift – This procedure for both men and women is designed to create a smoother, more attractive back contour by correcting loose, sagging skin and fat rolls in the upper and middle back

Each person who has lost a lot of weight will have unique plastic surgery needs. Dr. Savalia will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns for a true whole-body renewal.

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Why choose Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery?

  • Dr. Savalia takes a conservative approach to cosmetic surgery, so you look visibly improved, not surgically enhanced
  • Our medical professionals and staff at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery are committed to providing you with a positive treatment experience, from your initial consultation through your recovery
  • Dr. Savalia received the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding results

What is recovery like after body contouring surgery?

Recovery after body contouring surgery varies depending on the procedure or procedures performed, as well as the level of correction needed. After most body contouring procedures, you will need to wear a specially designed compression garment for a period of time to help reduce swelling and discomfort while promoting recovery. Our body contouring patients are typically ready to return to work within a few weeks, although Dr. Savalia usually asks his patients to wait about eight weeks after surgery before engaging in more vigorous physical activities.

Everyone who has lost a lot of weight will have unique plastic surgery needs. I will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns for a comprehensive renewal.


We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery in Orange County to learn more about plastic surgery after weight loss. Along with his supportive staff, Dr. Savalia is committed to helping you reach your cosmetic goals and will take the time necessary during your consultation to give you his recommendations and educate you on all of your options.

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