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It is quite common for men and women to notice a gradual drop of their brows as they age. A fallen brow may overshadow your eyes and make you look tired, older, and upset. Many brow lift patients initially come in for an eyelid surgery consultation, when in many cases, a sagging brow is just as responsible for eyes that look heavier and appear smaller. With a brow lift, Dr. Savalia can restore a more refreshed, vibrant and younger-looking appearance.

Focused correction of the drooping brow

Aging of the brow does not happen uniformly across all areas of the brow. The brow can be divided into three areas:

  • The inner/medial eyebrow, adjacent to the bridge of the nose
  • The middle eyebrow where the eyebrow begins to arch upward
  • The outer/lateral eyebrow side where the eyebrow drops down to meet the temple

Most people will find that the center and middle of the brow does not droop nearly as much as the lateral sides of the brow as they age. A traditional full brow lift procedure may be an overcorrection for these patients and result in an unnatural, altered appearance. For this reason, Dr. Savalia focuses on correcting ptosis (sagging) in the outer/lateral sides of the brows for most patients who select a brow lift. By elevating this part of the brow, he can restore a “sad” brow to a naturally arched brow, and rejuvenate the eyelid as well.

That said, for the person who does have ptosis across the entire brow (and, for instance, has a horizontal line of sagging skin between the eyebrows), Dr. Savalia can effectively raise the entire brow to a more youthful position. His recommended surgical approach is always developed following a careful review of your existing facial structure and cosmetic concerns.

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What can I expect with a brow lift in Newport Beach?

Lateral/temporal brow lift: This type of brow lift is usually all that is necessary for most patients and serves to lift and reshape only the outer part of the brow. It is performed under general anesthesia with a one-inch scar that is either within the hair of the scalp above the temples or closely follows that hairline.

Endoscopic brow lift: This type of brow lift has largely replaced a traditional coronal brow lift, where the scar runs from ear to ear across the scalp. An endoscopic procedure means smaller, half-inch incisions, and is designed to result in less swelling and a quicker recovery. In addition to elevating the brow, Dr. Savalia can smooth wrinkles and fine lines on the brow, either through surgery or by using BOTOX® Cosmetic or a similar product such as Xeomin® or Dysport®. He performs brow lift surgery with the patient under general anesthesia.

Signs of aging in the brow are often concentrated on the outer sides of the eyebrows. Through a brow lift, I can correct sagging skin and tissue for a naturally refreshed appearance.

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Am I a good candidate for a brow lift?

Here are some of the common reasons we hear about why a person is considering a brow lift:

  • I’ve noticed that my eyebrows have dropped or that their shape has changed
  • I have heavy, hooded upper eyelids
  • I often hear comments that I look sad, tired, angry, worried, or stressed

What is recovery like after a brow lift?

After surgery, you will be instructed to keep your head elevated for several days, which helps to minimize swelling and promote the healing process. Any bruising or swelling should dissipate rapidly within the first week. Most of our patients can return to work in just a week or two. For more information on a brow lift in Newport Beach, we encourage you to contact us online today.

I was so confident with Dr. Savalia that after my breast surgery I had a facelift! I’m thoroughly happy. I love the idea that nobody really can tell I had something done. They only know I look refreshed.


Please contact us today to schedule a brow lift consultation at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery in Orange County. Along with his supportive staff, Dr. Savalia is committed to helping you reach your cosmetic goals and will take the time necessary during your consultation to give you his recommendations and educate you about all your options.

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