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Chin Augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure that can create a dramatic difference in your look. Chin implant surgery can help to strengthen a weak or receding chin and bring balance and proportion to your profile.

Am I a candidate for chin augmentation?

Many patients come to Dr. Savalia for chin augmentation for the following reasons:

  • Self-consciousness due to a weak or receding chin
  • Chin structure looks out of balance with the rest of the face
  • Chin augmentation is suggested as an added procedure when undergoing nose reshaping surgery

If you are considering chin augmentation, your medical background will be reviewed by Dr. Savalia before treatment to ensure there is no medical reason to prevent it.

If you feel you have a ‘weak’ chin, implants can significantly enhance your jawline for a more defined look.

What should I expect during the chin augmentation procedure?

Chin implants are inserted through a small incision in the underside of the chin, hidden within the natural facial creases, or from inside the mouth. After surgery, there is minimal downtime which may include minor bruising and swelling, which should resolve within a week or two.

What is the recovery time for chin augmentation?

Dr. Nirav Savalia will provide you with aftercare instructions. These instructions are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible and ensure that your results are excellent. Most men and women can go back to their routine within a week or two, depending on whether any additional procedures were performed at the same time as the chin augmentation.

Why choose us?

  • Dr. Nirav Savalia is a recipient of the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award
  • He is listed in Orange Coast Top Doctors for 2019 and as Castle Connolly Top Doctors 2019
  • He has a rating on RealSelf as a Top Doctor
  • He utilizes his extensive background in facial surgery to provide natural-looking results
  • He currently serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UCI Medical Center and Keck School of Medicine

Chin Augmentation FAQs

Can chin augmentation be combined with other procedures?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Savalia frequently performs chin augmentation with other facial rejuvenation procedures. Depending on your aesthetic concerns, Dr. Savalia may recommend combining chin augmentation with a facelift, rhinoplasty, injectable fillers, eyelid surgery or other facial rejuvenation treatment.

Am I going to have scars?

Like all surgical procedures, chin augmentation involves incisions. But thanks to the latest advances in surgical techniques, scarring is minimal. When the incision is placed on the underside of the chin, the incision scar is hidden within the natural facial creases. If the incision is within the mouth, scarring is invisible.

What are the risks of chin augmentation?

Possible risks and complications from chin augmentation include excessive bleeding, infection, numbness, and nerve damage. The best way to decrease your risk of complications is to choose a board-certified and skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Savalia to perform the procedure safely.

Are the results permanent?

Chin implants are made of silicone material that is designed to last a lifetime, and therefore the results are long-lasting.

Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery

Contact Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for chin augmentation in Orange County. Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you reach your aesthetic goals. Dr. Nirav Savalia takes the time during all of his consultations to provide recommendations and education for every chin augmentation option available.

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