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What is a bra line upper back lift?

A bra line upper back lift is a plastic surgery procedure to correct loose, sagging skin and fat rolls in the upper and middle back. This procedure is called a bra line upper back lift because it addresses rolls of fat and sagging skin surrounding a woman’s bra line.

Woman with her back towards camera

What can I expect with a bra line upper back lift in Newport Beach?

A bra line upper back lift may be performed in combination with liposuction to further enhance the waistline and profile. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia in approximately two hours. An incision is made across the treatment area, through which excess fat is removed and excess sagging skin is excised. Back skin is tightened, and the incision is closed with sutures.

What is recovery like after a bra line upper back lift?

You may return home after surgery, but you will need someone to drive you and assist you for the first part of your recovery. You will need to abstain from strenuous activity and may experience limited upper body movement. You will not be able to wear a bra for the first two weeks, and only a loose-fitting bra for the following two weeks. Some bruising, swelling, or numbness is to be expected and should subside in time. You will likely feel well enough to return to work in approximately two weeks after surgery.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Despite its name, the bra line upper back lift is not intended only for women. Anyone who has sagging back fat in the bra line area may be a candidate for this procedure. Significant weight gain, dramatic weight loss, and aging can all contribute to sagging skin and excess fat in the mid-back region. A bra line upper back lift may be recommended for men and women who want the following:

  • Removal of fat rolls and bulges in the bra line area
  • Rejuvenation of lax upper and middle back tissues
  • Smoother, more attractive back contours

Why choose Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery?

  • Dr. Savalia prefers a light-handed, conservative approach to cosmetic surgery that leaves you looking visibly rejuvenated, not surgically enhanced
  • He received the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award because of his surgical skills and commitment to outstanding results
  • At Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Savalia and his dedicated staff work hard to ensure you have a positive treatment experience, from consultation to recovery
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