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Breast reduction helps women whose large breasts cause self-consciousness, improper posture, pain in the back and neck, indentations from bra straps, skin rashes, and other health issues. In most cases, women consider breast reduction in Newport Beach because of physical symptoms, but the procedure may also be performed for cosmetic reasons.

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  • The best candidates for breast reduction should be in good overall physical and mental health and have realistic expectations about their results
  • Many women interested in breast reduction have long suffered from ongoing back pain or skin irritations as a result of having large breasts
  • Others may feel that their breasts attract unwanted attention or make shopping for clothing difficult
  • Many women feel a smaller breast size would better suit their figure or match their lifestyle; it’s important to understand that no matter what your current breast size is, if you want smaller breasts you may be a good candidate for the procedure.


  • At Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, we are professional and experienced and create a safe, warm, friendly environment for our patients

  • Dr. Savalia received the Orange County Medical Association Physician of Excellence Award in 2018

  • Our focus is on achieving a natural result, so your appearance is more aesthetically pleasing, not surgically enhanced

Breast Reduction Patient Testimonial

I had very large breasts and was physically uncomfortable. I just wanted a reduction without implants. I’ve worn a 2-piece bathing suit for the first time in 40 years and I just feel better!


To begin the procedure, Dr. Savalia will make an anchor-shaped incision or a lollipop-shaped incision on the breast. The incision goes around the areola and down to the breast crease (lollipop) and may extend within the breast crease (to create an anchor shape), depending on the amount of breast and fat tissue that needs to be removed. Through the incision, he removes fat and glandular tissue and trims the resultant excess skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the body.

A breast reduction is much like a breast lift in terms of the incision location, and all breast reductions will involve lifting the breast in addition to reducing its size for a satisfying look after surgery.

What is recovery like after breast reduction in Newport Beach?

After your breast reduction in Newport Beach, your breasts are bandaged, and you will be sent home to begin recovery. Bandages are removed after about a week, and at that time, you will be instructed to wear a surgical bra for several weeks to support your breasts as they heal. You should be able to return to work after approximately one week. Most women who choose this procedure find they can now return to social, physical, and intimate activities they felt isolated from previously, wear the clothing they desire, enjoy relief from constant pain, and even go on to lose additional weight.

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This procedure is one of the most rewarding breast surgeries Dr. Savalia performs, and it can greatly improve every aspect of life. After surgery, many of our patients can engage in activities that were once uncomfortable, and most of them tell us they wish they had chosen surgery sooner. Here are some of the common reasons we hear why women are considering breast reduction:

  • I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable or living in pain because of my breasts
  • My breasts are too large for my body frame
  • One of my breasts is much larger than the other
  • My breasts prevent me from engaging in exercise and the activities I want to enjoy

After a breast reduction, you can engage in more social and physical activities, wear the clothes you want, and enjoy welcome relief from constant discomfort.


During your breast reduction surgery, your nipples and areolae are addressed to reduce their size and enhance their shape and placement on the breasts. The areolae are made smaller and more proportionate with the breasts, and each complete nipple will be repositioned to sit higher on your breasts and point naturally and youthfully upward. This achieves a more lifted, perky appearance, completing the general rejuvenating effect.


During your breast reduction surgery, addressing the nipples impacts the nerves in the area. An experienced, skilled surgeon will be able to avoid damaging large nerves. However, the smallest nerves may not always be possible to avoid. This minor nerve damage is not a concern, as these nerves will repair themselves, allowing sensation to return.

Expect a lack of sensation or only very minor sensation in the nipples shortly after your surgery. Once the swelling dies down, your nerves will need a period of time to regenerate. The speed at which nipple sensation returns varies from patient to patient, but commonly feeling is reported to return at about three months. 20-30% of patients will permanently lose some degree of sensation.

Breast Reduction FAQs

If you’re considering breast reduction, you most likely have a lot of questions about what the procedure can do for you. Dr. Savalia will work closely with you to help you feel confident about choosing to move forward with breast reduction. Below, he has answered some of the most frequently asked questions from our patients about breast reduction.

Can breast reduction help with sagging?

Yes. Breast reduction surgery is actually a combined surgery of removing breast tissue, followed by a breast lift. The goal is to create a more desirable breast size while improving the shape and position of the breasts. Because many women with large breasts experience sagging, the lift is an important aspect of the breast reduction procedure. This includes resizing the areolas, if necessary.

Can a reduction help with breast asymmetry?

Yes. Women with significant breast asymmetry may wish to reduce the size of the larger breast to match the smaller. For this approach, Dr. Savalia performs a breast reduction on only one breast. If needed, a lift can be performed on both breasts. Patients with pronounced asymmetry may also wish to insert a small breast implant in the smaller breast to better contribute to size symmetry.

Where are the scars located?

Dr. Savalia uses one of two incisions in breast reduction surgery, depending on the amount of reduction necessary. If a small to moderate amount of breast tissue needs to be removed, he uses a lollipop incision, which goes around the areola and extends vertically down to the inframammary fold. If you require a greater amount of tissue removal, he may use an anchor-shaped incision. This incision is the same as the lollipop but travels along the inframammary fold a short distance. Dr. Savalia takes special care to make the incisions as discreet as possible.

Can I get a breast reduction covered by health insurance?

Depending on your reason for surgery, you may be able to get your breast reduction covered by insurance. For your provider to approve coverage, you will need the procedure for health reasons rather than cosmetic purposes. Each provider has different criteria for what constitutes a case for coverage, but in general, you will need to provide a letter from your physician stating that your health issue is linked to breast size. You will also likely be required to have a specified minimum amount of tissue removed during your surgery. Dr. Savalia and his staff take the time to assist patients in determining their requirements for coverage to help make breast reduction as affordable as possible.

When will I see results?

Although you should notice an immediate change in the size and shape of your breasts, your results will initially be obscured by swelling. Dr. Savalia will ask you to keep surgical bandages on for the first week after surgery, and will also provide you with a special post-surgical bra to wear after you remove the bandages. This will help support your breasts during the healing process. Most women can return to work after the first week, and you should see your final results fully develop throughout the next couple of months.


During your private consultation with Dr. Savalia, you will receive a detailed and thorough quote for services. Because Dr. Savalia’s surgical approach is customized to your unique needs, pricing for breast reduction in Newport Beach will vary based on the extent of the surgery and other factors. Costs include the surgeon’s, facility, recovery, and anesthesia fees.

A breast reduction in Newport Beach may be covered by insurance if it is not for aesthetic purposes, and financing is available from our trusted healthcare lenders should you require assistance.


Schedule a consultation online or contact us today. Along with his supportive staff, Dr. Savalia will help you reach your cosmetic goals. He will take the time necessary during your consultation to give you his recommendations and educate you about what to expect in surgery, recovery, and result.

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