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At Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, we see two types of patients who seek ear surgery. The first group is younger children whose prominent ears have subjected them to teasing or taunting. The second group is adults who have lived for years with larger ears and are tired of feeling self-conscious about them.

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Why have ear surgery?

Patients come to Dr. Savalia for otoplasty for some of the following reasons:

  • Their child has been teased at school about his or her ears
  • He or she is bothered by the feeling their ears are the first thing people notice about them and want to do something about it

Ear surgery in Newport Beach can be a transformative procedure that restores self-confidence in both children and adults. Dr. Nirav Savalia has helped countless people enjoy a more fulfilling and happier life by removing the insecurities related to the appearance of their ears.

For both children and adults, ear surgery can be a transformative procedure that restores self-confidence. I’ve been happy to help many people who are self-conscious about their ears.

When is a child a good candidate for ear surgery?

It is common for many parents to be more concerned about the child’s large ears than the child is. For the child, this usually changes around age five or six, when children become more self-aware and their ears can become the center of conversation, ridicule, and teasing by classmates.

Otoplasty is an ideal procedure for young people, as it is preferable to correct the ear when the cartilage is more pliable. Ear surgery early in life allows a child to avoid the ridicule and self-esteem issues they may have if ear surgery is postponed to later in life.

When is an adult a good candidate for ear surgery?

For men and women who don’t consider ear surgery until well into their adult years, the procedure can still have a very positive impact. While you can’t undo the teasing from your younger years, it can be very empowering to take action. Ear pinning is one of those rewarding procedures that takes little time but can make a huge difference emotionally.

Because the ear cartilage stiffens by adulthood, performing otoplasty on adults is often a bit more involved than when ear surgery is performed on children.

Please contact us today to schedule an ear surgery consultation at the Newport Beach office in Orange County. Dr. Savalia and the staff and will go over all of the available options if you are considering ear surgery.

What is the recovery time for ear surgery?

Both children and adults will need to wear a headband for several weeks after the surgery. Generally, the recovery for ear surgery is rapid and comfortable. Bandages may need to be worn following the procedure and can be removed after several days of healing. You will be able to return to school or work within several days to a week.

Why choose us for ear surgery in Newport Beach?

  • As a recipient of the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award, Dr. Nirav Savalia is the ideal candidate to perform otoplasty in both adults and children
  • He is listed in Orange Coast Top Doctors for 2019, Castle Connolly Top Doctors 2019 and has a rating on RealSelf as a Top Doctor
  • His extensive background in plastic surgery allows him to provide outstanding natural-looking results

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