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Lip enhancement can create a fuller pout or treat the signs of aging if your lips are thinning or developing wrinkles. Whether you have naturally thin lips or have lost volume in your lips due to aging, we can give you a more youthful look using injectable fillers for lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation for fuller lips

Many younger women are interested in achieving fuller, plumper lips. In these cases, we can inject JUVÉDERM® or another injectable filler to create beautiful and lush lips. Dr. Savalia is careful to avoid overfilling the lips, which can create an exaggerated appearance or “duck lips.” The goal is to create a beautiful, full pout that looks natural. When we perform lip augmentation in our private clinic, we numb the area, so you are comfortable during your treatment.

Lip enhancement for wrinkles and lost volume

If you have thinning lips that have lost volume over time, we take a therapeutic approach. Volume can be increased with an injectable filler, but the goal is a more subtle, conservative enhancement. We can correct some of the lines that lead to lipstick bleed for a more defined, rounded border between the lip and the surrounding skin. This procedure is also performed right in the office, numbing the lips before treatment for your comfort.

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What can lip augmentation do for my look?

When lip augmentation is performed with meticulous care, the results look natural, fresh, and attractive. Dr. Savalia and his team are widely regarded as being among the finest professionals in the field of facial enhancement. If you have any of the following issues, you are likely a candidate for lip augmentation:

  • Thinning lips
  • Lip lines
  • Thin upper lip
  • Thin lower lip
  • Uneven lip structure
  • Lack of definition at lip border
  • Lost lip volume due to age


Several fillers create excellent results, and we will select the right one for you to produce the look you envision. There is no “best” filler, but the RIGHT filler. For many women, fillers from the Juvéderm line produce the best results, as the gel is soft and natural in feel. Two different products are available from the brand, Juvéderm Ultra XC, and Juvéderm Volbella XC, to subtly enhance lips, and smooth lip lines.

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Is this you?

Here are some of the common reasons people come to us for lip augmentation:

  • I’m unhappy with my thin upper or lower lips and an overall lack of fullness
  • I have fine lines around my lips that cause lipstick to bleed
  • I have noticed irregularities in my lip shape or size
  • I am self conscious because of an irregularity in my lips due to trauma or a genetic condition

I like BOTOX because it makes me feel refreshed, youthful, and gives me that little bit of extra confidence. People are shocked when they hear I’m over 40 and they want to know my secret!

Why choose us for lip augmentation?

At Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, we are committed to excellence in every procedure. All injections are performed by a qualified aesthetic nurse. We focus on achieving a natural result, so your lips look plump, fresh, and appealing, never overfilled.

Recovery and results

After a lip augmentation or enhancement procedure, it’s typical to experience a day two of minor discomfort. Your lips may be slightly swollen after your treatment, which fades as the days pass. Because dermal fillers are absorbed by the body eventually, repeat treatments are necessary roughly every six to nine months to maintain results.

Whether you have naturally thin lips or have lost volume in your lips as part of the aging process, I can create a more youthful look through lip augmentation using injectable fillers.


Please contact us today to schedule a lip augmentation consultation at our Newport Beach office in Orange County. We are committed to helping you reach your cosmetic goals. We will take the time necessary during your consultation to discuss lip augmentation and expectations, as well as give you professional recommendations.

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