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Our Surgical Treatments

Breast augmentation

Enlarge your breasts and improve their shape with this procedure

Breast revision

Breast implants that are misshapen, uncomfortable, or just no longer the right size can be updated with a revision procedure

Breast lift

It’s natural for the breasts to droop and sag over time, but you can regain a more youthful breast shape and position with a breast lift

Breast reduction

Overly large breasts can have a dramatic impact on women both emotionally and physically. This procedure can provide relief

Breast reconstruction

Dr. Savalia can work closely with you and your cancer treatment team to develop an immediate or delayed reconstructive plan, using your own tissue, an implant, or a combination of both

Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery

We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation at our Newport Beach office in Orange County. Dr. Savalia and his team of professional support staff are committed to helping you reach your cosmetic goals. Dr. Savalia will take all the time necessary in a private consultation to answer questions and concerns and guide you to the most effective procedure.

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