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Do you wish you could change the shape, position, and fullness of your lips? If you’re looking for a permanent, effective, and beautiful lip enhancement, a lip lift procedure may be the ideal solution for you.

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A lip lift is a short, simple surgical procedure that provides a more symmetrical, enhanced and pleasing shape to the upper lip. This procedure shortens the upper lip slightly and brings the red part of the lip closer to the nose, which results in attractively lifting the lip and allowing it to show more fully. The lip shape appears as more of a cupid’s bow, and a more balanced and symmetrical appearance is achieved.

Why get a lip lift?

Some people have a naturally longer upper lip that partially covers their teeth when they smile or causes their facial appearance to lack symmetry. Other patients find their upper lift stretching and lengthening due to age. This causes the red part of the lip to curve or roll inward, which makes the lip look thinner and hang over the upper teeth.

Many people use fillers to enhance their lips. This treatment is effective, but it has limitations and it’s not permanent. A lip lift puts the upper lift in proportion with the rest of the facial features and creates an attractive shape, symmetry, and fullness. The results are considered permanent.

A lip lift can resolve the following concerns:

  • A sagging upper lip
  • A smile partly covered by a drooping upper lip
  • A thin upper lip 
  • A longer distance between the upper lip and the nose
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What should I expect during a lip lift?

You will start with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Savalia. He will look at your medical history, examine your lips and skin, and discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals. 

To begin your procedure, Dr. Savalia will inject local anesthesia into the upper lip. He will draw marks under your nose where he will make the incision. The incision point is placed and made very carefully to reduce any visible scarring. Once the incision is made, Dr. Savalia will precisely remove a small section of skin, gently lift the lip upward and secure it with sutures.

Your lip lift will release and unfurl your upper lip to create a full, youthful, enhanced effect.


Your upper lip will be sore and swollen for the first few days, which is expected during your recovery. Keep your incision clean and apply antibacterial ointment to the area for the first week. 

You may need a few days to rest, although some patients are up and about the next day. Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity for about two weeks. 

Your final results will be most apparent within a couple of months. At that point, you will be able to enjoy the better proportioned, more enhanced and shapely appearance of your lips.

What procedures can be combined with a lip lift?

Because it is such a simple, short procedure, a lip lift is easy to pair with one or more other procedures. Dr. Savalia frequently combines a lip lift with a facelift to enhance and rejuvenate the overall look. The facelift and lip lift is a popular combination of the results to provide a youthful-looking, fresh face.

Your lip lift can be combined with a brow lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, or other similar procedures based on your cosmetic concerns and aesthetic goals. 

Benefits of a lip lift

A lip lift is a very popular procedure because it provides outstanding benefits:

  • Natural, youthful-looking results
  • Fuller upper lip 
  • Fuller, attractive smile that shows your upper teeth
  • Permanent lip enhancement
  • Short procedure and recovery period
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Am I a candidate for a lip lift in Newport Beach?

If you would like to enhance your smile without needing fillers anymore, you may be an ideal candidate for a lip lift in Newport Beach. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • You are in good health and do not smoke
  • You feel the distance is too long between your nose and upper lip
  • You don’t want to keep getting fillers to achieve your aesthetic goals
  • You are ready for a permanent, beautiful lip enhancement

Why choose Dr. Savalia for my lip lift?

Acclaimed Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Nirav Savalia, and his team of experts are dedicated to providing care that centers around you, your needs, and your goals. Our center is luxurious, welcoming, and private, giving you a chance to experience your aesthetic journey and your ideal outcome in comfort. 

Relax at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, knowing you’re in the hands of the best of the best. With his superb technical skills, Dr. Savalia has a reputation for being among the most talented plastic surgeons practicing in the area, and he is known for his compassion and dedication to patient-centered care. 

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