Working Out after Plastic Surgery

Working Out after Plastic SurgeryFollowing plastic surgery, all patients want to know when they can return to their normal routine — including their workout routine. Working out does need to be put on hold for a short time after surgery. Here Newport plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia offers some tips on when you may be able to return to your favorite exercise routine after plastic surgery.

The First Few Weeks

It is important to take it easy during the first few days following surgery. While you may really want to get back into your routine, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise too soon, which can reopen incision (worsening scarring) and cause inflammation, swelling and even infection. Short walks are acceptable and beneficial, helping to prevent blood clots from forming as well as other potential complications. You’ll want to start light, with two or three five-minute walks per day as you work your way back into your exercise routine.

After one to two weeks, you will feel your energy and activity level slowly increasing, and according to your doctor’s instructions, you will likely be able to gradually increase your activity. If you feel comfortable, you can increase your walk time or distance, or use a treadmill or stationary bike on the lowest setting.

Four to Six Weeks Post-Op

If you are an avid and vigorous exerciser, your plastic surgeon will probably recommend you don’t return to your full routine for at least four to six weeks — but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to slowly increase your activity. As you recover and return to normal energy levels, your doctor will recommend a customized exercise regimen for you to follow that includes a modified version of what you regularly do. By the six-week mark, you probably will have worked up to almost all of your normal routine — but only with the approval of your plastic surgeon. Each individual and procedure will have different needs and guidelines.

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