What to Look for in a Liposuction Surgeon

photoLiposuction is so common these days that many patients don’t think about the impact a surgeon’s level of experience could have on their outcome. Yet, technical expertise absolutely contributes directly to the quality of your lipo results. Here are four things to consider when choosing your liposuction surgeon.

1. Honesty
Realistic expectations are a key component of ensuring patient satisfaction after body contouring. Many patients mistakenly believe that lipo is an alternative to weight loss, or have other misconceptions about the procedure. As a plastic surgeon, it’s my job to be honest about what lipo can and cannot do, and what kind of results you can most likely expect.

2. Judgment
Not everyone is a candidate for liposuction, and there may be medical reasons lipo isn’t a recommended option for some patients. It’s very important that your surgeon carefully evaluate each and every patient for liposuction candidacy in order to ensure the best outcome.

3. Technique
There are several different types of liposuction available today, some of which use newer technology and may be perceived as “better” by prospective patients. An experienced body contouring surgeon knows that it’s the hand holding the tool rather than the tool itself that’s responsible for how your new lines will look.

4. Results
Who would you expect to be more skilled: a surgeon who performs lipo a few times per year, or one who has performed hundreds of liposuction procedures? There’s just no substitute for a lifetime of experience, and beautiful liposuction results will absolutely reflect your choice of an excellent surgeon.