What Could the Future of Breast Implants Hold?

Plastic surgery doctor draw line patient breastWhile today’s implants definitely offer more beautiful and natural results than at any other time in history, constant innovation is an integral part of any specialty field, and that includes plastic surgery. Here’s a look at some of the breast augmentation advances we might see in the future.

Lightweight Silicone Implants

Although silicone implants look and feel very much like natural breast tissue, one of their biggest downfalls is their weight. A lighter weight silicone breast implant has been developed by two Israeli brothers and is currently awaiting FDA approval. The weight savings are due to tiny microchambers within the silicone that are filled with air to reduce the overall implant weight and increase patient comfort.

Dual-Chamber Saline Implants

Traditional saline implants commonly lead to visible rippling, firmness and a rounder profile compared to silicone implants. A new type of saline implant, not yet FDA-approved, is hoping to change all that. The IDEAL IMPLANT® is a saline implant with improved edges to limit rippling and several additional implant shells nested inside that are designed to move more naturally and give a softer feel and look.

Fat Transfer

The next generation of breast implants may be no implant at all. Fat transfer breast augmentation, which transplants fat from other places on the body into the breasts, has recently gained FDA approval and is increasing in popularity. Although there are limits as to how much the volume of the breasts can be increased and the results are currently inconsistent, the idea of a truly natural breast augmentation is understandably appealing.