The 3 Stages of Healing after Breast Augmentation

Healing from any surgical procedure is a gradual process. While my breast augmentation patients are often eager to see their end results and return to their normal routine, there are a few steps in the recovery process that should be respected so the body can heal properly. I like to think of the recovery from breast augmentation as consisting of three stages.

1. Immediate Recovery after Surgery

The immediate post-surgical recovery is what most patients think of when they hear the phrase “recovery period.” This stage refers to the first few days to week after surgery when the breasts are typically somewhat swollen, tender and bruised. During this stage, patients should rest as much as possible and can take oral pain relievers or muscle relaxants to alleviate discomfort.

2. Settling of Implants and Swelling Decrease

Following the immediate recovery after surgery is the phase when implants are beginning to settle, swelling is starting to subside and patients can begin to participate in their body’s accommodation of the implants. By massaging the breasts for a few minutes each day, patients can help their skin and tissue relax, allowing the breasts to eventually settle into position.

3. Returning to Your Normal Routine

Finally, you can enjoy resuming your work and social life with your new figure. While breast augmentation patients can usually return to work within a week after surgery, I usually recommend waiting at least two weeks before resuming a more active routine. Every patient heals at a different rate, and patients should consult their surgeon if they feel uncertain about particular activities.