The 3 Biggest Misconceptions about Lumpectomy

Woman looking at cameraMany women struggling with their breast cancer diagnosis think that a mastectomy is their only option for complete tumor removal. However, a lumpectomy can be an extremely effective method of removing cancerous tissue completely without sacrificing your entire breast. It’s important to clear up the main misconceptions about lumpectomy before you make any final decisions about your breast cancer treatment.

1. Lumpectomy Can’t Be as Effective

This is one of the most common misconceptions about lumpectomy that I hear from my patients. While mastectomy can be an extremely effective method of tumor removal, with modern developments in lumpectomy techniques and with the help of a qualified team of medical specialists, lumpectomy can now be just as effective at removing cancer as a full mastectomy.

2. Lumpectomy Is Only for Small Tumors

Women with larger tumors have historically not been considered candidates for lumpectomy. However, oncologists and oncoplastic surgeons alike have since recognized that cancer treatment before surgery can reduce the tumor size enough in the right patients to qualify them for lumpectomy. Using a customized approach of radiation therapy before and after lumpectomy, I am frequently able to fully remove larger tumors from the right candidates while preserving as much existing breast tissue as possible.

3. Lumpectomy Always Results in Unnatural Breast Contours

Many women fear that lumpectomy always results in unnatural breast contours. However, by combining a lumpectomy with reconstruction in oncoplastic surgery, I work with a team of medical professionals to address both medical and cosmetic concerns simultaneously without compromising on aggressive cancer removal. With an oncoplastic approach, it is possible to preserve your natural breast shape after lumpectomy.