Talking to Your Kids about Plastic Surgery

Young Family Having Fun In ParkIf you have children, especially young children, you probably know how observant they are — and that they tend to ask a lot of questions. It would be difficult for nearly any parent to undergo a plastic surgery procedure without his or her child noticing. Therefore, a conversation must take place between parent and child about the operation and its effects. However, for many parents, this is a surprisingly difficult conversation to start.

Dr. Nirav Savalia, the plastic surgeon Newport Beach patients turn to for beautiful and natural work, shares some considerations here that may help you talk to your children about plastic surgery.

Truth vs. Little White Lie

Every child’s personality is different, and you know best whether they can handle the truth or if it would be better to tell a little white lie. Your child’s age certainly factors into this — it’s probably not a great idea to tell a 3- or 4-year-old that you had breast implants placed and what that entailed. However, older children may demand to know what, exactly, you had nipped or tucked.

When you tell your children about your plastic surgery, you can control the level of detail: some older children may find the surgical details interesting, whereas other children (including younger children) do not want to see or hear about the gory details. All they need to know is that Mommy had an operation and needs to rest for a week or two (but she will be absolutely fine).

While the approach is up to you, realistically, you will have to say something to your kids. There would be nothing worse than a child coming home from school to discover Mom wrapped in bandages and not able to snuggle. Therefore, it’s wise to craft your message well enough in advance that you don’t catch your children off guard.

Your Message

Speaking of crafting your message, many mothers struggle with the message they send to their children, especially daughters, about plastic surgery. They worry it seems vain or selfish, or that it indicates appearance is everything. You know that’s not the truth, and you know your personal motivations.

Having plastic surgery is actually an excellent opportunity to strike up a conversation with your children about body image. Put a positive spin on your decision and think of this as a learning opportunity for your children!

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