Revising Breast Implant Size

Dr. Nirav Savalia is a trusted Orange County breast surgeon that has helped thousands of women enhance the size of their breasts with saline or silicone implants. Occasionally, Dr. Savalia receives inquiries from women that are no longer satisfied with the size of their breast implants and are interested in breast implant revision. He is happy to help these women select a breast size that is better suited to their personal preferences. Implants come in many different sizes to satisfy different goals.

What Breast Implant Revision Entails

Breast implant revision may entail replacing implants with bigger implants or smaller implants, or removing them altogether. Implant revision may be performed in conjunction with breast lift if there is noticeable breast ptosis (a.k.a. sagging).

The implant revision process begins with a consultation with Dr. Savalia, who needs to know the type and size of breast implants the patient currently has, and how much time has passed since the original surgery. He performs a physical examination of the breasts and asks questions about the nature of the patient’s concerns. Once Dr. Savalia has a better understanding of the patient’s ideal outcomes, he can help her select a plan of action, including the type and size of implant to be placed. He can also advise whether breast lift is needed.

Reasons Why Women Change Implant Size

There are two primary reasons why women change the size of their implants. The first reason is that they want different breast sizes for different stages of their lives. Although there are exceptions, what plastic surgeons commonly see is that younger women usually desire bigger breasts. They are happy to attract attention to a shapely chest. However, as women age, they tend to want smaller breasts. This is similar to how a woman’s personal style (i.e., clothing, hairstyle and makeup) usually becomes more conservative with age. The large implants that a patient once thought looked great may look a bit oversized as she becomes a mother or a grandmother.

The second reason why women change the size of their implants is because their bodies change with age, pregnancy, weight fluctuation and menopause. Women that gain weight during menopause or pregnancy may find their breasts have become too big or heavy, which affects posture, breathing or personal comfort. Replacing breast implants with a smaller pair or removing them altogether can be extremely beneficial.

Learn More about Breast Implant Revision

If you are unhappy with the size of your current implants and would like to learn more about your revision options, please book a consultation with Dr. Savalia. Call or email Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery today.