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When you get that diagnosis that it’s breast cancer, suddenly your world changes. The cancer has to come out, so that’s surgery. And when that happens, they give you a reference to a plastic surgeon. I was the kind of person who thought I needed to interview two or three people. But after my breast surgeon recommended Dr. Savalia, I knew he was it. He’s the one who’s put me back together and allowed me to have the self confidence to know that I’m not going to look weird and I’m going to be healthy.


Dr. Savalia and his staff far exceeded my expectations. I love the results of my surgery! My clothes fit better, I have more confidence, and I feel like my breasts are back to where they were before having children.


I was interested in breast augmentation, but wasn’t going for that outrageous look. I had lots of concerns, questions, and I was fearful. Dr. Savalia took all of that away. He gave me his true professional opinion on what would look great on my body size and type. He made the whole experience so easy.


I like that Dr. Savalia prides himself on all of his patients looking natural. He is so warm and welcoming. When I visit him for appointments, I feel like I’m visiting a friend.


I’m a physician and consider Dr. Savalia to be one of the best doctors I have met. My babies are now teenagers and I realized my body had changed. I had a breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck. I am very happy with the results and overall experience.


I came to Dr. Savalia because I had breast cancer. I needed to have a double mastectomy. I was afraid that I was hoping for the impossible. When I met Dr. Savalia…I knew that he was my doctor. He was generous, kind and very professional. After getting through the cancer surgery, I stayed for other treatments and I’m constantly getting complimented about my results.


Breast augmentation is something I always wanted to do. After having kids, your breasts tend to droop. I wanted them to be perkier and also wanted a flat stomach. Now I’ve got my self-confidence back and I feel sexier than I’ve ever felt!


When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer and require breast reconstruction, you have to learn a lot of information in very little time. Dr. Savalia through it all was so kind and compassionate. Since I was feeling tired, old and sad, I also asked if he could do some other procedures. I came out of it all with my brand new breasts and very well rested, nice bright eyes. I was very happy! I feel like I look like me…but a little better than me.


When you go through a divorce, or a situation that threatens your self-worth…looking at yourself in the mirror is not always a complimentary thing to do. When I met Dr. Savalia I knew instantly that I was going to have a great experience. He was so warm, so real and so kind. Now I love looking in the mirror. And people notice it. They will say how relaxed I look and how nice I look. Before Ultherapy, people really didn’t comment.


I had wanted an arm lift for many years. I could never wear anything with short sleeves because I had a lot of loose skin and I was so self-conscious. My daughter gave me the names of many surgeons to interview. One of them was Dr. Savalia. I feel so lucky to have met him! I trust him completely. I feel fantastic about my procedure. It has changed my life!


I had very large breasts and was physically uncomfortable. I just wanted a reduction. I didn’t want implants. Other doctors told me that I would have to have implants. But Dr. Savalia was very confident that I wouldn’t need implants…and he was right! I’ve worn a 2-piece bathing suit for the first time in 40 years and I just feel better!


I told my mom I wanted a breast augmentation. She wasn’t thrilled, but said she would pick the doctor! Dr. Savalia was highly recommended. Most important was having confidence in a surgeon…knowing that he could achieve the look that I was going for and make sure that I was safe. He put me at ease as to how big or how small they should be, based on my body type. I was worried that it would look a little unnatural, but I LOVE my results! And my mom was so happy. She says that it really fits my figure…like that’s how I was supposed to be.


I like BOTOX because it makes me feel refreshed, youthful, and boosts my self-esteem…giving me that little bit of extra confidence. People are always shocked when they hear that I’m over 40 and they want to know my secret! I tell them it’s Dr. Savalia!
I wouldn’t go to anybody else.


Dr. Savalia did the non-surgical Ultherapy ultrasound skin lifting and tightening treatment on me. Both me and my wife, Laurel, are hooked! I find him to be very professional, and very knowledgeable. It’s a great feeling to hear how happy others are with their results and to have such positive feedback from clients and friends we have referred.

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