Nonsurgical Options for Younger-Looking Skin

Nonsurgical skin rejuvenation for younger-looking skinDo you wish to rejuvenate your facial appearance but are not ready to undergo surgery? Not to worry. Dr. Nirav Savalia of Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery offers a range of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments for a smoother, younger-looking face. Here, he shares our most popular procedures and what they can treat.

Botox for Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

Botox injections temporarily relax the facial muscles to smooth wrinkles and creases. The treatment is popular for treating crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows but can also be used to eliminate horizontal lines on the neck. It can be performed in as little as 30 minutes and requires no downtime. You will notice a smoother appearance almost immediately after treatment.

Restylane for Sunken or Hollow Cheeks

Over time, facial muscle tone is lost and fat is displaced, causing the areas underneath the eyes, cheeks and jawline to look sunken or hollow. This creates a tired or older-looking appearance. Hyaluronic acid injections, like Restylane, help restore volume to these areas for a fuller, more youthful appearance. Restylane injections can also be used to smooth out wrinkles and to plump the lips.

Chemical Peel for Dry Skin and Age Spots

Years of sun damage can result in dry, flaky skin filled with wrinkles and age spots. To combat sun damage, it is important to exfoliate at least once a week. Dr. Savalia also offers chemical peels, a deeper exfoliation treatment, at his Newport Beach office. Chemical peels slough away dead, dull skin to make way for a new layer of fresh, healthier skin. This restores the skin’s natural glow for a refreshed and bright appearance.

Boost Your Beauty Regimen

Tweaking your beauty care regimen can help minimize or prevent signs of aging from making an unwanted appearance on your face. At the Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer both SkinMedica and iS Clinical, two high-quality skin care brands that work to maintain or restore your skin’s natural glow. Visit the Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more about these products.

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