Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation ModelSome women may have doubts about moving forward with breast augmentation due to concerns that their results will look too obvious or “fake.” Through the use of Allergan Natrelle® Style 410 Breast Implants and Sientra TRUE Texture® shaped implants (more commonly known by their nickname, “gummy bear” implants), I am able to offer advanced implant technology to create very natural-looking results.

Is This You?

Here are some of the common reasons I hear about why a woman may be interested in gummy bear breast implants:

  • I want larger breasts, but I want a very natural slope and shape – not the high, rounded appearance that I have seen on some women
  • I’m worried that my breast augmentation will look too noticeable
  • I’m concerned that the implants won’t move or feel like natural breasts

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What Makes Gummy Bear Breast Implants Different

The Style 410 implants offer some very distinct advantages over either saline or other silicone gel implant types:

  • The highly cohesive silicone gel within the implant shell has a firm yet yielding texture that most women find to be more like natural breast tissue than any other implant type. This makes them particularly ideal for reconstructive breast surgery, or women that have lost breast volume after pregnancy or aging. The consistency of the gel material within the implants also means that your enhanced breasts will move and feel more like your breasts would naturally.
  • The Allergan 410 and Sientra shaped implants are teardrop-shaped, just like the profile of a natural breast. The fullness at the bottom and gentle tapering at the top helps your implants blend effortlessly into your surrounding tissues for a smooth, seamless appearance. There are several different shapes available, and I can help you choose the right combination of volume, width, height and projection that’s best for your existing frame and cosmetic goals.
  • The outer shell is exceptionally thick and durable for extra resistance to leaks or breakage. It contains a special layer specifically designed to limit the possibility of silicone gel diffusion, limiting the potential for inflammation and excessive scar tissue formation (capsular contracture). The outer shell is also textured to help prevent the implants from shifting after placement, and has very smooth edges to ensure that implants are virtually undetectable by touch after surgery.

Are They Right for Me?

Breast augmentation using gummy bear implants is ideal for those women who want breasts that look naturally larger, not obviously enhanced. These implants also can be ideal for women who are considering an implant-based reconstruction following a mastectomy, or for those who want to improve the results of a previous breast augmentation with breast revision surgery.

It’s also important to understand that any type of breast implant will increase the volume of your breasts, but will not always correct the appearance of droopiness or sagging.  You may want to consider including a breast lift as part of your breast enhancement for a comprehensive change to your breast size, shape and position.

I understand that any type of breast enhancement can feel like a big decision. That’s why my goal is to take the time to discuss all your options before your procedure. I offer Vectra 3D imaging so you can easily visualize how you’ll look with different implant sizes, shapes or profiles before making a final commitment. We’ll also talk about incision placement, what to expect from your procedure, and other details of your surgery and recovery so you feel confident and comfortable about taking the next step.

For more information on natural breast augmentation, I encourage you to contact us online today.