How Many Plastic Surgery Consultations Should I Have?

Dr. Nirav Savalia does not believe there’s an exact number of consultations you must schedule before selecting a surgeon. Some plastic surgery candidates find the right surgeon in their first consultation; others meet five or six surgeons before selecting one. It truly depends on the quality of the consultations and the surgeons you meet.

With that in mind, there are benefits to meeting multiple surgeons during your search. For example, you have the opportunity to learn more about your requested procedure from different points of view. If you are in the early stages of learning about your procedure, this is extremely helpful and educational. Also, different surgeons may recommend different approaches to your particular case and introduce you to a unique way of looking at your needs. One may recommend a particularly innovative plan of treatment that speaks to what you are looking for.

Narrowing the Field

Begin your search for a plastic surgeon by asking friends and family members for referrals. Once you have a preliminary list of names, research the surgeons and look at their education, credentials, experience, before-and-after images and patient reviews. Pick out three to five in your area that you want to meet, and schedule consultations.

During a consultation, you should have an easy, comfortable rapport with the surgeon and the office staff. You should feel as though your concerns are being heard and understood, and that the surgeon is addressing those concerns completely. You should expect to feel educated about the recommended treatment plan, how it will be performed and what to expect from the surgical process and the outcomes. Ask plenty of follow-up questions and listen to how the surgeon responds to them. The relationship you have with your surgeon is almost as important as the surgical procedure itself.

When Is It a Good Fit?

After you have attended your consultations, it is time to make a decision about your surgeon. The following factors indicate you have found a good fit:

  • The surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery.
  • You feel a connection to the surgeon and the office staff.
  • You feel completely educated about your surgical options.
  • You are happy with the treatment plan that has been laid out for you.
  • You feel confident the plastic surgeon can meet your goals and expectations.
  • You are ready and excited to move forward with surgery!

Whether it takes you a single consultation or six consultations, you will know when you have found your surgeon. At that point, it is unnecessary to continue with consultations. You can book your surgery and start to plan for the operation.

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