When Is the Ideal Time for a Tummy Tuck?

Timing is everything. Occasionally a wonderful opportunity can present itself, but unless the timing is right, it doesn’t work out. This is certainly true of plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). There are certain elements that must be timed correctly in order to reap the rewards of the surgery. Dr. Nirav Savalia, tummy tuck surgeon in Orange County, addresses some of those elements here.   

You’re Done Having Kids

Tummy tuck can fix the physical changes brought about by pregnancy: primarily, loose, sagging abdominal skin and damaged abdominal muscles. For this reason, it is important to delay tummy tuck until you’re done having kids and avoid planning to become pregnant again. Becoming pregnant after tummy tuck can stretch out the skin and damage the muscles, requiring additional surgery.

You’re At (Or Close to) Your Ideal Weight

Most plastic surgeons agree that you should try to reach your goal weight before having surgery. If you have tummy tuck surgery before your weight stabilizes, you could end up with loose skin that needs additional surgery.

Try your best to lose weight at a healthy and sustainable pace. Avoid any crash diets or special pills that promise rapid weight loss. Stick to a well-balanced diet, portion control and regular exercise.

You Have Sufficient Time to Recover

It is very important that you time your tummy tuck surgery so you have adequate time to recover. You will need at least two weeks off from work if you have a desk job, more if your job requires a lot of standing, traveling or physical work.

Also, during this time you should do very little besides rest and relax. You won’t be able to cook, clean, fold laundry, work at your computer or take the dog for long walks. For this reason, you should schedule your surgery at a time when you are absolutely sure you can find full-time help for you, your children, your pets, your home and any elderly parents or family members that live with you. If you can’t think of anyone that can help you right now, you will have to postpone your surgery.

You’ve Selected a Trustworthy Plastic Surgeon

The right time to have tummy tuck is when you’ve found a plastic surgeon that you can trust. Maybe you have had consultations with several plastic surgeons — even some that have sterling credentials — but something feels “off.” Don’t ignore your intuition by moving forward with surgery. Put it off until you have found an experienced surgeon that makes you feel completely comfortable.

You Understand the Benefits and Risks of the Procedure

Tummy tuck has fantastic benefits, like a firmer, flatter abdomen and more beautiful body contour, but it is major surgery. You must understand and accept the risk of complications before proceeding with surgery.

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