How Oncoplastic Surgery Can Improve Breast Contours after Lumpectomy

Beautiful nude blond womanWith an increasing number of women turning toward the combination of radiation plus lumpectomy as an alternative to mastectomy, the question of how to improve breast contours after surgery has become even more pressing. How can concerns over permanent indentations or a damaged-looking breast be put to rest? Oncoplastic surgery may hold the solution.

The Aftereffects of a Lumpectomy

The advances in medical technology have opened new doors for women in terms of effective cancer treatment. Many oncologists, in combination with reconstructive breast surgeons, are making a committed effort to preserve as much natural breast tissue as possible. To this end, radiation is becoming more commonly used to shrink the cancerous growth down to a size where a lumpectomy can be performed, bypassing the immediate need for a mastectomy.

The question of whether reconstruction could be necessary after a lumpectomy is one that remains, however. Any removal of tissue from anywhere in the body could potentially leave behind a dent or unfavorable scar, and the breast is no exception. In fact, some doctors may recommend against a lumpectomy out of concern that a deformed breast would be the result, and suggest that reconstructing the entire breast is preferable.

In my practice, I specialize in oncoplastic surgery, which combines lumpectomy with reshaping of the natural breast tissue for smooth, natural-looking contours. I feel that a less invasive alternative to mastectomy is the preference for many of my patients, and taking a more comprehensive and coordinated approach that involves a team of skilled medical professionals across a range of disciplines can give you the opportunity for a beautiful final result without the need for reconstruction.