Hoag Names Dr. Savalia Director of Oncoplastic and Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Dr. Nirav Savalia has been selected by Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian to serve as Director of Oncoplastic and Aesthetic Breast Surgery.

The Medical Director of Hoag Breast Center, Dr. Melvin Silverstein, is pleased with the appointment of Dr. Savalia, noting, “Dr. Savalia is a highly skilled, dedicated surgeon who understands the complexity of cancer treatment from a physiological, psychological and aesthetic standpoint. He is a champion of women’s health and is a great leader. We are excited to have him direct our efforts at Hoag.”

Hoag Health Network, which covers Orange County, treats more than 27,000 inpatients and 379,000 outpatients on an annual basis. The network includes two acute-care hospitals, seven health centers and 10 urgent care centers. In its 2016-2017 edition, U.S. News & World Report named Hoag one of the Best Regional Hospitals, and Becker’s Hospital Review named Hoag one of the “100 Great Hospitals in America” in 2016.

What Is Oncoplastic Surgery?

Oncoplastic surgery involves removing the cancerous tumor from the breast while leaving the remaining tissue intact. The goal is to preserve as much of the breast as possible while ridding the body of cancer. Dr. Savalia believes there are too many unnecessary mastectomies performed, and he wants to educate women about safe alternatives.

“Hoag has long championed options that benefit women’s health. It is very exciting to me to be a part of this progressive, patient-centered team,” Dr. Savalia said.

Dr. Savalia’s New Role

Dr. Savalia is looking forward to developing a comprehensive breast reconstruction program at Hoag. This includes creating a database to track and study reconstruction outcomes. Dr. Savalia will also be responsible for training University of Southern California breast fellows on oncoplastic surgery.

“Dr. Savalia is able to communicate what too few surgeons do, which is that breast cancer doesn’t have to ‘win’ the war against a woman’s body. His level of skill, innovation and commitment to patients makes us proud to call Dr. Savalia one of our own,” said Dr. Silverstein.

Contact Dr. Nirav Savalia

If you are facing breast cancer and would like more information about your reconstruction options, please contact the private plastic surgery practice of Dr. Savalia. Call 949-759-0980 or email us today to set up a private informational consultation.