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Many types of skin cancer require surgical removal of cancerous skin cells. To minimize scarring and improve the appearance of the treated area, Dr. Nirav Savalia can work with your dermatologist to perform reconstructive surgery, or with the assistance of an on-site pathologist, remove the skin cancer.

What is skin cancer reconstruction?

A skin cancer diagnosis is frightening and unexpected. Surgery is typically the best possible option to remove cancerous tissue. If a lot of tissue around diseased cells must be removed to mitigate the chances of the cancer returning, reconstructive surgery may be recommended. The treatment may include Mohs surgery, which is known as the most effective treatment for most types of skin cancer. This procedure removes the cancerous tissue and minimizes the loss of healthy tissue.

Who is a good candidate for skin cancer reconstruction?

The following are some common reasons for skin cancer reconstruction after skin cancer surgery:

  • Avoidance of a large, unsightly and noticeable scar after skin cancer surgery
  • Dermatologist recommended skin cancer reconstruction following Mohs skin cancer surgery

Dr. Nirav Savalia will work with your skin cancer surgeon to ensure you are a good candidate for skin reconstruction before your procedure.

What to expect during skin cancer reconstruction?

Most of the skin cancer reconstruction procedures performed by Dr. Nirav Savalia are done after Mohs surgery. Your dermatologist will perform the Mohs surgery, which involves the removal of very thin layers of skin followed by microscopic analysis to check for the presence of cancer cells.

When the dermatologist is satisfied the cancerous cells are fully removed, Dr. Nirav Savalia can then perform the necessary reconstruction of the skin. This procedure can be performed immediately after the dermatologist has finished, or soon after.

In some cases, Dr. Savalia can remove the skin cancer himself. A pathologist is onsite during the procedure to ensure all cancerous cells have been removed.

I can perform reconstruction in conjunction with your dermatologist or perform skin cancer removal with the assistance of an on-site pathologist.

What is the recovery for skin cancer reconstruction surgery?

Length of recovery time after skin cancer reconstruction varies depending on several factors such as the following:

  • Whether the reconstruction is performed as part of the initial procedure or at a later date
  • The extent of surgical repair required

In addition to a surgical correction, the appearance of the treated area can be further improved by using fat transfer, dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® or Belotero®, or a chemical peel.

Why choose Dr. Nirav Savalia?

  • In addition to his expertise in reconstructive surgery, he has performed countless skin grafts and tissue transfers
  • Dr. Nirav Savalia is a recipient of the Orange County Medical Association 2018 Physician of Excellence Award and was named as Top doctor by RealSelf, Orange Coast and Castle Connolly in 2019
  • He uses his extensive background in reconstructive surgery to provide skin cancer patients with results that appear as natural as the skin around it
  • He is the Clinical Assistant Professor at UCI Medical Center and Keck School of Medicine
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