Considering Breast Lift? Here’s What You Should Know

Educating yourself on what to expect from breast lift surgery can help ensure your results are as beautiful and successful as possible. In this blog post, Dr. Nirav Savalia of Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery shares four important things you should know before undergoing breast lift surgery.

Experience Matters

Breast lift surgery requires skill and experience, two things that not all plastic surgeons possess. A qualified breast lift surgeon is one that specializes in the procedure, has years of experience and is knowledgeable in the latest surgical techniques. Be sure to ask to read patient testimonials and see before and after photos of the surgeon’s past work.

You May Need a Combination Surgery

Many patients come into Dr. Savalia’s office believing they need one surgery when in reality they may benefit more from combining two procedures. For example, patients striving for perkier breasts and a bigger bust size may opt for breast lift with implants. Patients who are bothered by sagging breast skin and wish to have smaller breasts may benefit from combining breast reduction with lift. It is important to be transparent with your plastic surgeon, telling them exactly what you wish to achieve. Your surgeon will use this information to design a treatment plan that best achieves your desired look.

Post-Op Care Is Essential

While the plastic surgeon’s skill and experience are important in achieving successful breast lift results, so is your post-op care. Plan on taking several days off from work or your normal routine in order to give your breasts time to heal properly. Bed rest is important; you will need to avoid strenuous activity (e.g., exercise, lifting heavy objects) for the first two weeks after surgery. Returning to work early, exercising too soon and straining your body can alter your breast lift results.

The Final Results Are Not Immediate

Immediately after your surgery, you will notice a change in the position and appearance of your breasts. However, it may take your breasts several months up to a year to settle into their final position. You will also likely experience swelling for the first few weeks after surgery. During your recovery period, it is important to follow your surgeon’s post-op care instructions to allow your body to heal properly and quickly.

Learn More about Breast Lift

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