Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

223-300x199Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, and as such, Dr. Nirav Savalia receives a great deal of inquiries about it. Most often he hears from patients that want to know whether they are a good candidate for the body sculpting procedure. If you have ever been curious, here are some indications that you may be a good candidate for liposuction. Continue reading “Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?”

When to Consider Liposuction

When to consider liposuctionSouthern California is known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches, both of which are good motivation to stay beach-body ready at all times. However, sometimes diet and exercise are not enough. Excess skin and fat on the abdomen may remain, while sagging skin on the arms, thighs or buttocks may be hard to lose. If this sounds familiar, liposuction may be right for you. In this blog post, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia of Newport Beach Center for Cosmetic Surgery discusses when liposuction may be appropriate.

You Are 15 Pounds from Your Ideal Weight

There is a lot of confusion out there about whether or not liposuction is a good procedure for weight loss. The truth is, while liposuction can help a person achieve a slimmer, toned figure, it is not meant for weight loss. Liposuction is meant to fine-tune the body by removing small deposits of fat. You are an ideal candidate for liposuction if you are within 30 percent or 15 pounds of your ideal weight. Many patients seek liposuction after losing a large amount of weight through diet and exercise, or after bariatric surgery, to get rid of excess skin and fat.

You Have Stubborn Fat Deposits

If the appearance of “love handles” around the sides of the waist bother you, or if you’re frustrated by flabby skin on the abdomen that doesn’t seem to go away, liposuction may be right for you. The procedure is designed to remove small “trouble spots” around the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction is also commonly used to slim down the inner thighs, hips, buttocks and back.

You Are Self-Conscious About Your Body

Having a body figure that is anything less than the perfect can cause a person to have low self-confidence. A person may be hesitant to flaunt their body at the beach because of a “muffin top” or flabby abdomen. If this sounds like you, liposuction can help you reclaim your self-confidence by achieving the beautiful shape and curves you have always wanted. A slimmer, more attractive figure can give you the confidence boost you need to present yourself better to the world.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Before undergoing liposuction, it’s important to understand what the procedure can and cannot achieve. Liposuction can slim and tone the body for a more beautiful, attractive appearance but it cannot completely change your body shape. You may feel more confident about your figure but the procedure cannot make you happier about other aspects of your life. While the results of liposuction are technically permanent because fat cells do not return to the treated area, you may still gain weight in the future. Because of this, Dr. Savalia recommends his patients maintain a healthy lifestyle for long-lasting liposuction results.

Learn More About Liposuction

For more information on liposuction, including the procedure itself and the recovery process, reach out to Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia. Dr. Savalia has helped both men and women in Newport Beach achieve beautiful, slimmed bodies with liposuction and other body contouring procedures. Schedule your one-on-one consultation today by calling Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery at 949-759-0980.

What to Look for in a Liposuction Surgeon

photoLiposuction is so common these days that many patients don’t think about the impact a surgeon’s level of experience could have on their outcome. Yet, technical expertise absolutely contributes directly to the quality of your lipo results. Here are four things to consider when choosing your liposuction surgeon.

1. Honesty
Realistic expectations are a key component of ensuring patient satisfaction after body contouring. Many patients mistakenly believe that lipo is an alternative to weight loss, or have other misconceptions about the procedure. As a plastic surgeon, it’s my job to be honest about what lipo can and cannot do, and what kind of results you can most likely expect.

2. Judgment
Not everyone is a candidate for liposuction, and there may be medical reasons lipo isn’t a recommended option for some patients. It’s very important that your surgeon carefully evaluate each and every patient for liposuction candidacy in order to ensure the best outcome.

3. Technique
There are several different types of liposuction available today, some of which use newer technology and may be perceived as “better” by prospective patients. An experienced body contouring surgeon knows that it’s the hand holding the tool rather than the tool itself that’s responsible for how your new lines will look.

4. Results
Who would you expect to be more skilled: a surgeon who performs lipo a few times per year, or one who has performed hundreds of liposuction procedures? There’s just no substitute for a lifetime of experience, and beautiful liposuction results will absolutely reflect your choice of an excellent surgeon.

4 Tips for Natural-Looking Liposuction Results

Beautiful, sexy athleteA natural, non-surgical look is one of my primary objectives for any procedure I perform. If you’re hoping to get the most beautiful results from a liposuction procedure, consider these four tips for achieving a natural look.

1. Ensure You’re a Good Candidate The best candidates for liposuction are already at a healthy weight, lead a fairly active lifestyle, and are hoping to target specific problem areas, not achieve overall weight loss. If you’ve done the hard work required to eat right and stay in shape, but still have a few lingering trouble spots, lipo can help you achieve beautifully proportioned, natural-looking contours.

2. Have Realistic Expectations Because the results of your liposuction procedure depend on factors such as your skin’s elasticity, it’s important to have realistic expectations about its potential. I’ll meet with you prior to your appointment to assess your candidacy for the procedure and answer specific questions regarding the look we can hope to achieve. This way, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction with your results.

3. Choose an Experienced Surgeon
Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive liposuction experience is the best way to ensure a good outcome. Complications such as lumpiness, depressions, and irregular contouring are less likely if a surgeon has been performing liposuction for many years.

4. Continue Practicing Healthy Habits
While liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the treatment area, maintaining your results long-term requires you to stay on top of your diet and exercise routines. You can still gain weight in other areas after lipo, so keep up the healthy habits to preserve your slim new contours for many years to come.