Brow Lift or Eye Lift? 3 Questions to Help You Decide

Portrait of mature woman.If you feel like your eye area looks noticeably older than the rest of your face, you might benefit from cosmetic surgery… but which procedure should you choose? While guidance in finding the right option to help you meet your cosmetic goals should be on your list of must-haves for a good facelift surgeon, there are a few test questions you can ask yourself when you can’t decide between a brow lift and an eye lift.

1. Are You More Concerned with Droopy Lids or a Heavy Brow?

When the upper brow loses elasticity and takes on a heavy appearance, a brow lift can effectively raise the forehead back to correct excessive overshadowing of the eyes. However, when the eyelids themselves become droopy, an eye lift may be needed to eliminate excess skin.

2. Are Frown Lines or Under-Eye Bags More Prominent?

Brow lifts can do wonders for deep frown lines that develop in between the eyebrows and just above the nose by tightening the muscles that support the brow. When bags under the eye become overly prominent, an eye lift can remove fatty under-eye deposits and help lift and firm the delicate skin below the lash line.

3. Do You Look More Tired or Angry?

This is the question can really help you distinguish what procedure will help you the most. Patients who describe themselves as having a tired appearance typically benefit the most from an eye lift, while patients who feel they always look angry or stressed (even when they aren’t) usually need a brow lift.

Remember, an eye lift and a brow lift are complementary surgeries that are often performed together. If you answered “yes” to all these questions, having both procedures might deliver the best results.