How to Bring Facial Features into Better Balance

Chin Implant
This case shows how Dr. Savalia used a chin implant to balance the patient’s facial features rather than rhinoplasty.

When you see your own face every single day, it’s easy to fixate on one particular feature that you don’t like. In reality, though, facial harmony is about ensuring that all the features of your face are proportionate to—and in balance with—each other. For this reason, I focus on a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation that may include more than one procedure for the best results.

An Example: The Nose vs. the Chin

As the most central focal point of the face, a prominent nose is often blamed when my patients feel that their facial features aren’t quite working well together. While it’s true that a large or unusually shaped nose can feel overwhelming, the nose doesn’t exist in a vacuum. By this, I mean that the nose itself may be fairly proportionate, yet only seems large in comparison to a chin that’s not as strong as it could be, or cheekbones that aren’t as well-defined.

In these cases, rhinoplasty may not be the answer—or, alternatively, a very conservative rhinoplasty may be combined with chin implants or facial fillers through the cheekbones so that the nose, cheek and chin come into better balance with each other.

An Individualized Approach

I often tell my patients that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to facial rejuvenation, whether that means rhinoplasty, a facelift or even minimally invasive treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. The key is to find an excellent board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures and will work closely with you to bring out the best in your unique features.