Can the Way You Sleep Cause Wrinkles?

Dr. Nirav Savalia, a respected plastic surgeon in Orange County, was recently asked whether the way we sleep can cause wrinkles and fine lines. The person inquiring was concerned that sleep positioning could contribute to the development of new wrinkles. Dr. Savalia found this to be an interesting question worthy of its own blog post.

Why We Get Wrinkles

Although sleeping in the fetal position (on one’s side) can cause wrinkles to look more pronounced, sleep position is not the primary cause of the pesky lines. Sun exposure, genetics and the breakdown of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers are actually to blame. As collagen and elastin levels drop due to the aging process and sun damage, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled.

Sleep position may contribute to what are known as dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by repeatedly making certain expressions (e.g., laughing, frowning). Allowing the skin to fold in the same place over and over may create pleats in the skin around the eyes and brows.

What We Can Do about Bothersome Wrinkles

With the help of Dr. Savalia and his team, you can eliminate bothersome wrinkles and restore a youthful quality to your skin.

The first step is to prevent additional sun damage by wearing sunscreen and a hat whenever going outdoors. Avoid the tanning bed and opt for a spray tan instead. Using medical-grade skincare can also promote optimal skin health.

After you’ve made some necessary lifestyle tweaks, you can choose to have wrinkles and lines smoothed with injectable treatment. Botox injections are designed to treat dynamic wrinkles. Dermal fillers work on deeper static wrinkles and folds and can also be used to add volume. Transferring fat to the face is a win-win; it plumps up wrinkled or creased skin and delivers stem cells, which can improve the quality of the skin.

Another great way treat lines and wrinkles is with a resurfacing peel or laser treatment. These treatments remove damaged cells from the skin’s surface, leaving behind smooth, soft skin.

If the skin is extremely creased, facelift surgery may be needed to remove the pleats.

Learn More about Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

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