Can BOTOX® Really Boost Your Breasts?

Woman in blackWhen considering any surgical procedure, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little investigation to see if there’s a nonsurgical alternative first. However, today’s market is crowded with dubious claims of miracle treatments, many of which offer limited benefits and may be quite risky. Perhaps you have heard of the so-called BOTOX® breast lift, a nonsurgical “solution” for lifting and firming the breasts using the familiar injectable. What’s the truth about using BOTOX® for boosting breasts?

The BOTOX® Breast Lift

While most familiarly touted as an anti-wrinkle treatment, there are actually many other uses for BOTOX®, including as a remedy for migraine headaches, underarm sweating and eye twitching. Is the latest “breakthrough use” for BOTOX® a temporary treatment for droopy breasts?

In theory, when used this way, BOTOX® relaxes the pectoral muscles and provides a temporary lift. In reality, the quantity of BOTOX® required to see any effect would likely be prohibitively expensive for most patients, and any results would last only a few months. Furthermore, this treatment would likely only work if your breasts are about a B cup or smaller.

Proven Results

Though it would be nice to have a simple, nonsurgical method to permanently lift the breasts and create a fuller, more youthful bust line, this off-label usage of BOTOX® simply isn’t it. A breast lift (with or without implants) remains the safest and most reliable way to create a fuller, firmer look with results that can last for many years to come.

Your best bet for boosting your breasts is to stick to the proven methods perfected over many years of surgical practice. One day, we may have a one-shot wonder treatment for sagging breasts, but until then, a skilled and experienced breast augmentation surgeon can create beautiful results with more trusted techniques.