Breast Implant Profiles: How to Select What’s Best for You

Planning breast augmentation involves more than just selecting a cup size. One of the decisions that a patient must make is selecting her implant profile, or how far the implant projects forward from her chest. This is a commonly misunderstood aspect of breast implants, and one that Dr. Nirav Savalia, a top plastic surgery specialist in Orange County, would like to explain in detail in this post.

Understanding Breast Implant Profiles

The profile of an implant is characterized by how far forward the implant projects, or stands out, from the chest when standing. This is largely determined by the width of the implant base. The smaller the base, the more the implant projects from the chest wall.

Implants come in low, moderate and high profiles.

  • Low profile implants are the flattest implants and do not project far from the chest wall. Plastic surgeons usually recommend these implants to women with naturally wider chests.
  • Moderate profile implants provide greater projection than low profile implants. They are usually recommended to women with smaller or narrower chests to achieve a natural-looking result.
  • High profile implants offer the greatest projection from the chest for a full, round-looking result. They don’t sit high on the chest but they offer the most “augmented” look. They are ideal for petite women with very narrow chests.

Picking Your Implant Profile

The implant profile that is best for you depends largely on your natural anatomy and your proportions (i.e., the width of your chest and your frame). During your pre-operative consultation, Dr. Savalia will take measurements of your chest and consider your body proportions before recommending an appropriate implant profile.

Dr. Savalia will also ask you about your personal preferences and the result you would like to achieve. Do you want full, shapely breasts or breasts that look more natural?

Although you may not know exactly how to describe your results in technical terms like CC’s and profiles, you can give him a visual idea of what you prefer by showing him pictures from a magazine or website, or before-and-after photographs of other patients. Once you’ve homed in on what looks good to your eye, Dr. Savalia can make recommendations based on your preferred aesthetic.

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