Breast Enlargement Questions

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, it’s very normal to have a lot of questions beforehand. I work closely with my patients to make sure that they feel comfortable and confident about moving forward. Below, I’ve answered many of the questions I hear most often from patients about breast implants.

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Are Breast Implants Right for Me?

The best candidates for breast augmentation should be in good overall physical and mental health. However, beyond these considerations, it’s also important that you’re choosing breast enlargement for the right reasons. I listen carefully to my patients in order to make sure I understand their goals for breast augmentation, and then work together with you to determine the best way to reach those goals. Breast implants can give you a subtle enhancement, help improve symmetry, correct problems like tubular breasts, or give your figure a dramatic boost. Regardless of your specific reasons, though, breast implants should be something that you’re getting for you and you alone.

Should I Choose Saline or Silicone?

Although either saline or silicone implants can give you beautiful results, I can explain more fully about the benefits that each implant type has to offer:

  • Saline implants consist of a sterile saltwater solution encased in a silicone shell. They can be used for cosmetic breast enlargement in women 18 and over, and are less expensive than their silicone counterparts. Since saline implants can be inserted empty and filled after placement, I can use smaller incisions during surgery.
  • Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that has the consistency of jelly, and are currently the more popular choice for breast implants. Many women think their texture feels more like organic breast tissue.
  • Another type of silicone implant is the anatomically shaped silicone gel implant, often called the “gummy bear” implant. These are teardrop-shaped rather than round, and are filled with silicone gel that has the consistency of gummy bears–firm, yet yielding. Gummy bear implants can deliver very natural looking breast augmentation results, particularly when used in breast reconstruction.

As you can see, there isn’t really one “better” option that’s right for everyone, but I can help you decide on which type of implant will help bring out the best in your body.

How Can I Pick the Perfect Implant Size?

Concern over going too large or too small is the question I hear most often from my patients. Deciding on the perfect breast size for you depends on a number of factors: your desired results, your existing anatomy, and how physically active you are, to name just a few. Additionally, size isn’t the only consideration—we also need to look at the shape and profile that will work best for you.

My role as your plastic surgeon is to use my expertise to help you understand how all these elements work together, so we can decide together which size will meet your goals. I also use  Vectra 3D imaging at my practice to take the guesswork out of the sizing process. With Vectra 3D, you can view an image of your own body to see for yourself how you’ll look with different implant sizes and profiles.

Will Implants Fix Droopy Breasts?

Some women aren’t concerned with the size of their breasts so much as the placement. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and nursing, and the normal aging process can all affect where the breasts sit on your chest, sometimes resulting in a droopy, saggy appearance.

It’s a common misconception that breast implants alone will give your breasts a high, firm look again. In reality, implants only increase your breasts’ volume. To improve placement as well, I may recommend a breast lift to regain a fuller, perkier profile, either with or without including implants.

How Do I Decide on Implant and Incision Placement?

In addition to implant size, we’ll also need to discuss the placement of your implants (below or above the muscle) and your incisions. This is another area where there are pros and cons to all of the options, and we’ll have to look at the big picture in order to make the right decision for you. For example, if your heart is set on anatomically shaped silicone implants, you may also need to choose an inframammary incision (hidden in the natural breast crease) because these implants need slightly larger incisions. Or, if you’re very slender and want saline implants, I may suggest submuscular placement, so you have a little extra tissue coverage. Again, these decisions all come down to what will look best on your body while still meeting your hopes for breast enlargement.