Labiaplasty Procedures Continue to Rise in US

A few months ago, in Dr. Nirav Savalia’s “The Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery” blog post, he noted that more women than ever are seeking labiaplasty to treat long, large or prominent labia. His observation was confirmed in the 2016 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report, which recorded over 12,000 procedures performed by its surgeon members. If you are wondering who is having the surgery and what it entails, Dr. Savalia reveals the answers here. Continue reading “Labiaplasty Procedures Continue to Rise in US”

Can the Way You Sleep Cause Wrinkles?

Dr. Nirav Savalia, a respected plastic surgeon in Orange County, was recently asked whether the way we sleep can cause wrinkles and fine lines. The person inquiring was concerned that sleep positioning could contribute to the development of new wrinkles. Dr. Savalia found this to be an interesting question worthy of its own blog post. Continue reading “Can the Way You Sleep Cause Wrinkles?”

When Is the Ideal Time for a Tummy Tuck?

Timing is everything. Occasionally a wonderful opportunity can present itself, but unless the timing is right, it doesn’t work out. This is certainly true of plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). There are certain elements that must be timed correctly in order to reap the rewards of the surgery. Dr. Nirav Savalia, tummy tuck surgeon in Orange County, addresses some of those elements here.    Continue reading “When Is the Ideal Time for a Tummy Tuck?”

A Post-Pregnancy Tune-Up for the Tummy

Pregnancy is seemingly paradoxical — it changes the mother’s life for the better but her body for the worse. Some mothers spend years feeling embarrassed by pregnancy-related changes, particularly around the abdomen.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Nirav Savalia can address these abdominal changes to help patients look and feel their best. Here, Dr. Savalia explains how he can “tune up” the tummy after pregnancy. Continue reading “A Post-Pregnancy Tune-Up for the Tummy”

Beware of Cheap or Discount Plastic Surgery

Everyone loves a bargain! Any smart shopper knows how to find the best discounts and avoid paying retail price. However, several things are worth paying a full and fair price, and plastic surgery is one of them. The consequences of discount plastic surgery are simply not worth the savings. Our Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Nirav Savalia, explains why. Continue reading “Beware of Cheap or Discount Plastic Surgery”

The Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

What’s “trendy” in plastic surgery isn’t necessarily a critical consideration when pursuing cosmetic improvement. What’s best for you will depend on your specific needs and the recommendations of your plastic surgeon — not what’s trending or the latest fad.

Even so, well known Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia occasionally likes to reflect on some of the latest developments in his specialty, and note patterns he sees at his Newport Beach plastic surgery practice. Continue reading “The Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery”

Putting Nervous Plastic Surgery Patients At Ease

The plastic surgery experience for patients can spark a variety of feelings: excitement, joy and even some nerves. Unlike the plastic surgeon performing the operation, surgery is not something a patient does every day, so it is understandable that they may feel a little anxious. Dr. Nirav Savalia is compassionate and understanding of these nerves; he hopes that sharing the following words of wisdom puts nervous patients at ease. Continue reading “Putting Nervous Plastic Surgery Patients At Ease”

The Low-Down on Botox Treatment

Botox is, by far, the most popular cosmetic treatment performed. In the United States alone, 6.7 million Botox treatments were performed in 2015 — the highest number of injections to date (according to stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). That number is expected to increase when the 2016 statistics are released.

If you have ever wondered about Botox and what it is used for, Dr. Nirav Savalia of Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery shares the low-down here.  Continue reading “The Low-Down on Botox Treatment”

Accompanying a Loved One to Her Breast Augmentation Consultation? Read This First

Are you accompanying your girlfriend, your wife or even your best friend to her breast augmentation consultation? If so, you and your opinion are important to her. As your loved one’s “wing woman” or “wing man,” you play a key role in the consultative process.

To help make the appointment as smooth and productive as possible for both you and the patient, Dr. Nirav Savalia, trusted Newport Beach breast surgeon, has some helpful tips. Continue reading “Accompanying a Loved One to Her Breast Augmentation Consultation? Read This First”

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

223-300x199Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures at Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, and as such, Dr. Nirav Savalia receives a great deal of inquiries about it. Most often he hears from patients that want to know whether they are a good candidate for the body sculpting procedure. If you have ever been curious, here are some indications that you may be a good candidate for liposuction. Continue reading “Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?”