Beware of Cheap or Discount Plastic Surgery

Everyone loves a bargain! Any smart shopper knows how to find the best discounts and avoid paying retail price. However, several things are worth paying a full and fair price, and plastic surgery is one of them. The consequences of discount plastic surgery are simply not worth the savings. Our Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Nirav Savalia, explains why.

Why Doctors Might Offer Cheap Treatment

If someone is offering rock bottom pricing on plastic surgery, it is likely that:

  • The doctor is not certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and therefore, not qualified to perform plastic surgery. Perhaps they attended a weekend course but haven’t been properly trained.
  • The procedure is performed in a non-accredited facility that does not meet the necessary safety measures. This could be an outdated operating room, office setting or even a hotel room.
  • Local anesthesia is used in a procedure that should require general anesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon operates in a different country that does not have stringent safety or ethical requirements for medical professionals.

All of these scenarios put patient safety and well-being at serious risk.

The news is filled with reports of patients experiencing severe complications and even dying after botched surgery. In most cases, the patient was lured by discount prices, but ignored (or failed to recognize) the fact that a non-plastic surgeon was performing the procedure without following the proper protocols.

Dr. Savalia acknowledges the temptation to save money on an investment like plastic surgery. However, he strongly believes it is not worth risking your health or safety.

Maximize Your Chances for a Safe, Successful Outcome

Nothing — not even working with a board certified plastic surgeon that operates in an accredited facility — can guarantee a safe and successful plastic surgery outcome. There is an element of unpredictability in any surgical procedure. However, qualified plastic surgeons have the experience and skills to minimize safety risks and give patients the best chances for a satisfying outcome. Though these surgeons charge more for their services, the peace of mind is well worth it!

There is a way to make plastic surgery more budget-friendly without risking your safety or well-being. At Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer plastic surgery financing through CareCredit. You can schedule the treatment you want, when you want it, and pay for it in low monthly installments.

For more information about financing plastic surgery with Dr. Savalia, please call 949-759-0980 or email our practice today.