The Best Fix for Deflated, Saggy Breasts after Nursing

One of the most universal cosmetic complaints among mothers is that their breasts look flat, saggy or “deflated” after breastfeeding. The appearance of a woman’s breasts can significantly compromise her self-confidence and self-image; she may long for her pre-baby breasts. Fortunately, there is a way to restore a perky and youthful appearance to the breasts, and it involves the help of a trusted cosmetic surgeon in Orange County, like Dr. Nirav Savalia.

Why Breasts Sag after Pregnancy and Nursing

During pregnancy and nursing, hormones cause a woman’s breast tissue to expand, and the breast skin must stretch to accommodate the growing breasts. After the mother has weaned the baby, the breast tissue shrinks, but often the skin has lost its elastic quality and is unable to contract over the smaller breasts.

Unfortunately, pills or creams that claim to lift and firm the breasts don’t work. There is no scientific evidence that these products can restore the skin’s elasticity. Wearing a push-up bra can help, but most women want their breasts to look great without a bra, too.

A surgical procedure called breast lift is the only way to elevate the breasts to a perky and youthful position whether you’re wearing a bra or not.

Understanding Breast Lift

Breast lift is performed through incisions created around the areola, extending vertically down to the crease of the breast and sometimes horizontally along the crease. The breast tissue is lifted higher on the chest and tightened to create a perkier breast mound. Excess skin is removed and the nipple-areolar complex may be repositioned higher on the breast (and reduced in size, if needed). The remaining breast skin is tightened around the reshaped breast.

Is Breast Lift Right for You?

Dr. Savalia asks breast lift candidates to wait three to six months after lactation has stopped (i.e., the baby has been weaned). This gives the breasts a chance to recover from the effects of the hormones of pregnancy and nursing. Also, breast size and contour should stabilize before surgery and candidates should be at or close to their baseline weight. When these conditions are met, patients have the best chances of great-looking, long-lasting results.

Discuss Breast Lift with Dr. Savalia

If you long for your perky, pre-baby breasts, Dr. Savalia can help. Schedule an informational consultation with the trustworthy plastic surgeon to discuss your treatment options. Contact our office today.