Benefits of Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

shutterstock_150192002Losing a substantial amount of weight through a healthy lifestyle overhaul or bariatric surgery is extremely admirable. Unfortunately, most people that experience dramatic weight loss struggle to enjoy their smaller size because it is hidden by loose skin and tissues. Post-weight loss plastic surgery is specifically designed to treat the loose skin and tissues that make it difficult to enjoy massive weight loss.

A more attractive physique is not the only benefit of post-weight loss plastic surgery. Here, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Nirav Savalia explains some of the other rewarding benefits of surgical body contouring following weight loss.

Resolves Skin Chafing and Rashes

The loose skin that hangs off the body after massive weight loss is unattractive and can cause painful chafing, rashes and chronic infections. Eliminating this skin resolves most, if not all, of these uncomfortable side effects.

Helps Clothing to Fit Better

Even at a smaller size, a person can have a difficult time fitting into clothing because of loose skin and tissues. Body contouring after weight loss helps clothing to fit and hug the body in a more flattering way.

Makes It Easier to Exercise

Excess skin and loose tissues can hamper a weight loss patient’s activity level and, in some cases, restrict range of motion. Many patients that seek body contouring after weight loss find it easier to exercise, play sports and generally live a healthy lifestyle after plastic surgery.

Serves as Motivation for Weight Loss Maintenance

Treating the excess skin and loose tissues that remain after dramatic weight loss helps to make the weight loss transformation more obvious. This usually serves as great motivation to maintain weight loss through healthy diet and exercise habits.

Boosts Self-Esteem

The mental health benefits of post-weight-loss body contouring should not be overlooked. Most patients experience a significant boost in self-esteem and confidence after their plastic surgery. They may be motivated to make positive changes in their personal, professional or social lives, as well.

Learn More about Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

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