Beauty Trend Alert: Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire Breast LiftThe awards season is in full effect in Hollywood right now, culminating with the Oscars this Sunday night. Each year, Hollywood starlets are gifted an enviable bag of goodies. Valued at more than $200,000 each, this year’s goodie bags includes a 10-day vacation to Israel, the latest tech gear and beauty products galore. Perhaps the most controversial goodie included? A vampire breast lift.

A vampire breast lift, valued at $1,900, uses a woman’s own blood to achieve perkier breasts and rounder cleavage without surgery. But does it actually work? Trusted plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia of Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery takes a closer look at the treatment.

Vampire Breast Lift: Does it Work?

Vampire breast lift is a nonsurgical procedure created by the same plastic surgeon behind the vampire facelift, which recently reappeared in the headlines thanks to reality star Kim Kardashian. Vampire breast lift involves taking blood from a patient’s arm and extracting platelet rich plasma (PRP). The platelets are purified and mixed with Juvederm and Restylane, dermal fillers that have traditionally been used to plump up the facial skin. The mixture is then injected into the breasts for a perkier and rounder appearance. The results are said to last anywhere between one to two years.

The Vampire breast lift is touted as a quick and noninvasive way for women who want perkier breasts without surgery. However, it is important to understand that the procedure is relatively new. As of now, there are no studies or research to prove the procedure has any long-lasting benefits or impacts on the appearance of breasts. For long-lasting results, experts recommend women undergo traditional breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery with Dr. Savalia

Dr. Savalia is an experienced and trusted plastic surgeon who has performed countless breast lift surgeries throughout the years. During the procedure, Dr. Savalia will reshape the breast tissue higher on the chest, remove excess skin and tighten the remaining skin. This gives the breasts a better position and shape. When creating incisions on the breasts, Dr. Savalia uses precision and skill in order to minimize scarring. The results are not only long-lasting, but natural-looking as well.

To learn more about your breast enhancement options, including breast lift surgery, contact Dr. Savalia today. Please call the Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery at (949) 759- 0980.