Are Your Breasts Showing Signs of Age? 3 Tips for a More Youthful Figure

Young cheerful female in a braIn my practice, I see a lot of patients who are concerned that their breasts are showing their age. Growing older naturally leads to changes in reproductive hormones that dictate the tissue and structure of breasts. The result is that, over time, your breasts begin to lose their firmness and fullness. While this process is completely natural, many women understandably wish to reverse these signs of age. Here are three tips for maintaining full, youthful-looking breasts.

No Smoking

When it comes to the aging body, it’s important to eliminate as many factors as possible that could do further damage. While the fact that that cigarette smoking is bad for your health may be common knowledge, did you know smoking can also be bad for your breasts? Smoking cigarettes has been directly correlated with premature sagging. This is one habit to cut out that your body will thank you for!

Wear Supportive Bras

Are your bras giving you the support you need? A bra that fits properly may be the simplest and most effective solution for slowing the downward decline of breast tissue. Not only can a well-fitted, supportive bra help you look great, some extra support now can also help prevent further sagging down the road.

Consider a Breast Lift

If your breasts are sagging considerably, consider the benefits of a breast lift. I often perform this procedure on women who are concerned with fallen breasts. With a lift, the breasts are elevated and reshaped to give your figure a more youthful, perky appearance.

Aging breasts are a natural part of life, but with today’s surgical techniques, there’s no reason to let sagging breasts bring down your self-esteem. Consider these suggestions to help you look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.