Are Gummy Bear Implants Better for Breast Reconstruction?

Woman in red.As the newest generation of silicone gel breast implants, gummy bear implants offer several advantages for cosmetic breast augmentation as well as for reconstructive breast surgery. Although no single approach is best for every patient, I do find that there are a few factors of gummy bear implants that can particularly benefit my breast reconstruction patients.

Anatomical Shape

Gummy bear implants are well-known for their teardrop shape that mimics the natural breast, with more volume towards the bottom and a gentle slope at the top of the implant. Women with only one breast to reconstruct may find that the gummy bear implant is closer to their existing breast shape, allowing for more reasonably symmetrical results. Women can also choose to have implants in both breasts in order to enhance their figure further.

Natural Texture

The highly cohesive silicone gel filling of gummy bear implants feels very similar in texture to natural breast tissue, which makes the ideal breast implant for use in patients after undergoing mastectomy. Breast reconstruction patients often have little to no existing soft tissue in the breast area and may be concerned about attaining results that feel natural. With gummy bear implants, masking the implant underneath the extra coverage of natural breast tissue isn’t as necessary for a natural-looking final outcome.

A Customized Approach

A variety of results are possible with gummy bear implants, and a skilled breast reconstruction specialist should work closely with each individual patient to develop a plan that best meets her needs. I customize my approach for every patient in order to choose the best implant—gummy bear or not—for their goals, as well as the right balance of volume, height, width and projection.