How to Achieve a Youthful, Elegant Looking Neck

shutterstock_141386686Last month, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia blogged about the eyes’ typical responses to the aging process. The surgeon also explained what he can do to reverse age-related changes in the eyes. This month, Dr. Savalia explores another area that changes over time: the lower face and neck. If you are embarrassed by a saggy neck, double chin or what is affectionately known as “turkey wattle,” this post is for you.

Age-Related Changes in the Neck

Because the skin is thinner on the neck than on the face, the neck is often the first area to show signs of aging. Some of Dr. Savalia’s patients are surprised to notice their neck aging quickly and detracting from the still-youthful appearance of the face. The most common signs of aging include the following:

  • accumulation of excess fat deposits in the lower face
  • double chin
  • loose, saggy skin
  • wrinkling
  • muscle “banding” that distorts the contours of the neck

How Dr. Savalia Can Help

While plastic surgery cannot stop or reverse the aging process, there are a few ways to restore the look of a youthful, elegant neck.

If excess fat has accumulated under the chin and on the neck, liposuction can slim and contour the area. Neck liposuction is a fairly quick procedure with a reasonable recovery. It can be performed through tiny incisions concealed behind the ears or underneath the chin.

If the problem is greater than excess fat, and includes loose skin and tissues and muscle banding, neck lift techniques, which are usually folded into facelift surgery, may be the more suitable option. Facelift improves visible signs of aging along the jawline and neck, giving it more definition and a youthful contour.

For patients that want to avoid surgery altogether, cosmetic injectables can help by smoothing wrinkles, adding volume or even removing fat. Botox can smooth horizontal neck “bands” or wrinkles, and injectables can help define the jawline. The FDA recently approved an injectable known as Kybella, which destroys fat cells underneath the chin without disturbing other cells. (Keep in mind that neither Kybella nor other injectables can address problems with skin quality).

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