Accompanying a Loved One to Her Breast Augmentation Consultation? Read This First

Are you accompanying your girlfriend, your wife or even your best friend to her breast augmentation consultation? If so, you and your opinion are important to her. As your loved one’s “wing woman” or “wing man,” you play a key role in the consultative process.

To help make the appointment as smooth and productive as possible for both you and the patient, Dr. Nirav Savalia, trusted Newport Beach breast surgeon, has some helpful tips.

Remember Who Is Making the Decision

First and foremost: remember your place. The patient has asked for your opinion and support, but she will make the ultimate decision about her breast implants and surgery. Occasionally, Dr. Savalia encounters patients whose significant others try to take over the consultation and dictate which type and size breast implant will be used. Avoid steering the conversation and the decision.

Offer Your Honest and Gentle Opinion

With that in mind, your (respectful) opinion is valuable. As your loved one tries on different implant sizes, be honest about what you think looks best. Also, consider her lifestyle, personality and goals as she tries on different sizes. She will be excited by the process and might need a gentle reminder of her needs. If she is an active athlete, she may want to avoid oversized implants. If she hates being the center of attention, she might want to pick smaller implants.

Remind Her about Questions and Concerns

In the excitement and activity of the consultation, your loved one might forget to bring up the questions and concerns she has shared with you beforehand. It is helpful as you plan for the consultation to start a “Note” in your iPhone with the questions and concerns you both want to address with the doctor. That way, if your loved one draws a blank during the appointment, you have a list of items to bring up. Or, if you have your own questions, feel free to ask the surgical team during the appointment.

Contact Dr. Savalia

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