A Closer Look at New Natural Looking Breast Implants – Natrelle INSPIRA™

Recently, the FDA approved a new type of breast implant called INSPIRA™. The new implant is the most recent addition to the Natrelle® product line, which already included anatomically shaped implants, round gel implants and silicone implants. The Natrelle® line now offers 243 size options with a range of projection styles. Here is a closer look at the new Natrelle INSPIRA™ implant and how it differs from existing options.

Natrelle INSPIRA™ Qualities

The new Natrelle INSPIRA™ implant is a silicone gel, smooth round implant. The smooth round implants are the more classic implant style as compared to modern anatomically shaped implants that mimic the natural distribution of breast volume. However, the new implant differs from other round implant options with its higher fill ratio.

The Benefits of Higher Fill Ratio

Higher fill ratio means that there is slightly more silicone gel filler per unit of volume. In the case of the INSPIRA™ implants, a more highly cohesive gel filler is also used. In my experience, I’ve noticed a slight difference in feel and lower wrinkle susceptibility in implants with a higher fill ratio. The denser volume of gel filler in the implant can result in a decreased chance of rippling and longer shell longevity.

The Value of a Breast Augmentation Specialist

While implant type and brand can certainly have an impact on your end results, there is nothing more crucial to natural-looking breast augmentation results than your surgeon. I take special care to understand my patient’s needs while approaching their surgery with the accumulated knowledge that comes only from years of experience. Excellent breast implant results can be possible with a range of implants, but a highly skilled surgeon is less interchangeable.