Vectra 3D Imaging

VECTRA-3-D-imagingOne of the most common questions I get during consultations is, “What will I look like after surgery?” Vectra 3D imaging technology helps me to answer that question by showing you on your own body the results that can be achieved. It is a very helpful tool for my patients during the consultation process.

I encourage you to contact us online or call 949-759-0980 today to schedule a consultation at my Newport Beach office in Orange County. Along with my supportive staff, I am committed to helping you reach your cosmetic goals and I will take the time necessary during your consultation to give you my recommendations and educate you about all your options.


How 3D Imaging Works

With Vectra 3D imaging technology, I am able to take a three-dimensional image of your own body or face and then bring that image up on a computer screen. From there, we can explore how various changes could create an enhanced look. Both my patients and I appreciate that the program provides a lot of peace of mind and helps to eliminate the guesswork about how you might look after surgery.

I typically use Vectra as part of the consultation process for the following procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation – Because the Vectra software is loaded with all of the latest implant types and implant sizes, I am able to provide specific representations of how you can look with different implants.
  • Chin Augmentation – In my experience, people with a weak or receded chin have a hard time envisioning the difference that a chin implant can make, and this program provides a good solution.

By incorporating Vectra® 3D Imaging, I am able to show you your possible options of breast shape and size, or give a picture of what results can look like after certain facial procedures.
– Dr. Savalia

Seeing the Benefits

The Vectra 3D device gives me an opportunity to hear feedback from patients in real time about their desired results. That back-and-forth discussion is critical for setting the right expectations and greatly increasing the likelihood of a satisfying outcome. Having an image to reference during the consultation has been a big benefit for my patients by providing a reliable picture for a patient to use during the decision-making process.

I was interested in breast augmentation, but wasn’t going for that outrageous look. I had lots of concerns and I was fearful. Dr. Savalia took that away. He made the whole experience so easy.
– BRIANNE, Real Patient
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A Focus on Breast Augmentation

It can be particularly difficult to visualize what you will look like after breast augmentation surgery. By using an image of the patient’s own frame and changing implant size and shape in real-time, I can offer my patients a much better sense of what is achievable. The 3D images on the screen can be rotated at almost any angle so that a woman can see how she could look from the front, side, or another perspective. I can also bring up side-by-side images or even overlay two different options for a “virtual try on” of different implants.

For more information on how 3D imaging can help during your consultation, I encourage you to contact us online today.