Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction ModelBreast reduction helps women whose large breasts cause self-consciousness, improper posture, pain in the back and neck, indentations from bra straps, skin rashes and other issues. Women usually are considering breast reduction surgery because of physical symptoms, but the procedure also may be performed for cosmetic reasons.

This procedure is one of the most rewarding breast surgeries that I perform, and can greatly improve a woman’s life. After surgery, many of my patients are able to engage in activities that previously were uncomfortable, and most tell me that they wish they had chosen surgery sooner.

Is This You?

Here are some of the common reasons I hear about why a woman is considering breast reduction:

  • I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable or living in pain because of my breasts
  • My breasts are too large for my body frame
  • One of my breasts is much larger than the other
  • My breasts prevent me from engaging in exercise and the activities I want to enjoy
I had very large breasts and was physically uncomfortable. I just wanted a reduction without implants. I’ve worn a 2-piece bathing suit for the first time in 40 years and I just feel better!– SHARLENE, Real PatientSee more Real patient Stories

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After a breast reduction, you can engage in more social and physical activities, wear the clothes you want, and enjoy welcome relief from constant discomfort.
– Dr. Savalia

The Procedure

To begin the procedure, I will make an anchor-shaped incision or a lollipop-shaped incision on the breast. The incision goes around the areola and down to the breast crease (lollipop) and may extend within the breast crease (to create an anchor shape) depending on the amount of breast and fat tissue that I will need to remove. Through the incision, I remove fat and glandular tissue and trim the resultant excess skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the body.

A breast reduction is much like a breast lift in terms of the incision location, and all breast reductions will involve lifting the breast in addition to being reduced in size for a satisfying look after surgery.

After breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and you will be sent home to begin recovery. Bandages typically are removed after about a week, and at that time you will be instructed to wear a surgical bra for several weeks to support your breasts as they heal. Most women who choose this procedure find that they can now return to social, physical, and intimate activities that they felt isolated from, wear the clothing they desire, enjoy relief from constant pain, and even go on to lose additional weight.

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