4 Tips for Active Women Considering Breast Implants

???????????????????????????????????While breast implants can improve body proportions for many women seeking an enhanced appearance, active women may feel unsure of how to approach breast augmentation. Large breasts can sometimes inhibit certain strenuous athletic activities, which may cause athletic women to feel as if breast augmentation isn’t for them.

To the contrary, I see excellent results with breast augmentation in women of all lifestyles, including very active women. Here are four tips for active women considering breast implants.

1. Discuss Your Goals with Your Surgeon

Fostering a communicative surgeon-patient relationship is critical in achieving the best cosmetic results. When it comes to breast implants, I highly encourage women to inform their surgeon if they have an active lifestyle or plan to adopt one. Being aware of your needs can help your surgeon develop the most suitable approach to your procedure.

2. Opt for a More Moderate Implant Size

In order to maintain maximum comfort in your active life, women are advised to opt for a more moderate implant size. While athletic breast implant patients can still achieve a significant enhancement, very large implants are likely to become cumbersome and interfere with vigorous sports and exercise.

3. Consider Subglandular Placement

One primary concern of active breast implant patients is whether they can safely perform chest exercises after augmentation. Because submuscular placement may restrict your long-term flexibility when it comes to lifting, chest presses and weights, some women may opt for subglandular placement instead.

4. Avoid Chest-Focused Exercise for At Least Six Weeks

Allowing your body the proper time to heal before resuming your exercise routine is important in maintaining optimal long-lasting augmentation results. Patients should wait a minimum of six weeks after surgery before participating in any chest-focused exercise to avoid unnecessary irritation or inflammation of the implant pocket.