4 Secrets for Beautiful Breast Augmentation Results in Your 40’s

Woman sitting on grass.Most people think of breast implants as something that only younger women want, but the truth is that women over 40 can be excellent candidates for breast augmentation as well. By 40, many women have had children and are in a settled place in their career and home life, and it’s an age when you might finally have some time to do something special for yourself. Here are four secrets for ensuring beautiful results for breast augmentation in your 40s.

1. Carefully Consider Implant Options

While choosing the right implant is always important, accurately gauging the optimum breast implant shape and profile in women over 40 becomes even more critical to ensuring flattering results. A skilled surgeon will talk with you about the implant type that best fits with how you want to look after surgery.

2. Include a Lift

Around age 40, women may notice signs of aging in their breasts such as droopiness and a softer texture. By including a breast lift along with implants, I can help restore a perkier profile and firmer feel for a silhouette that adds volume as well as improving shape and placement.

3. Find the Right Surgeon

A board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in natural-looking breast augmentation has the right combination of skills and experience to craft results that work with your body, your goals and your age.

4. There’s No Age Limit on Self-Confidence

Finally, it’s important to realize that there’s no right or wrong age for breast implants. Self-confidence is the most attractive feature a woman can have, and breast augmentation can help boost your self-image at any age.