3 Reasons to Include a Breast Lift with Your Implants

Woman covering breastWhile many of my patients have a specific idea of what the perfect breasts should look like after breast enhancement, some may not realize that their goal figure involves not only a larger size, but also a higher placement. To achieve the often-held ideal of a high, full profile after breast augmentation, there are three reasons I recommend including a breast lift as well.

1. Can Better Meet Cosmetic Goals

Many women find that their hopes for breast enhancement surgery cannot be met by only one procedure. While women with a minor degree of drooping can sometimes find a solution in implants alone, others may have appearance concerns that are better addressed with a breast lift, like significant sagging. Combining a breast lift with implants helps my patients achieve both goals.

2. Addresses Volume and Placement

Implants don’t bring the breasts to a higher position, and may even increase the degree of existing sagging, especially in women who already have a generous breast volume. A lift restores a perkier profile, but won’t significantly boost cup size. Combining a lift with implants can increase the size of the breasts while simultaneously raising the bust line, enhancing cleavage and creating a flattering figure.

3. Brings Out the Best in Both Surgeries

Including a breast lift with your implants can enhance the results of both surgeries when compared to the results of either surgery alone. While a breast lift can tighten the skin and trim away any excess, breast implants can fill the breast first to result in less excess skin in the first place for minimal scarring. Additionally, a breast lift can reposition the nipple if necessary and even resize the areola, providing better balance to your enhanced breasts.