3 Reasons Facelifts Aren’t Just for “Old” People

shutterstock_64608157A facelift restores a more youthful appearance to the face by lifting, tightening, and toning the facial skin and underlying muscles. While the procedure has been common among aging men and women for decades, it carries a certain stigma of being only for particularly elderly patients. There are three main reasons why facelifts aren’t just for “old” people.

1. Everyone Ages at a Different Rate

There are ways to decrease your chance of premature aging with proper skin care, but other factors are outside our control. Genetics play a significant role in how quickly our skin ages, for example, and not everyone has the option of avoiding environmental damages due to where they live or their profession.

Men and women who age at a fast rate can be excellent candidates for cosmetic surgery, even if their chronological age makes them think they’re too young for a facelift.

2. A Facelift Can Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

Coming into older age can feel intimidating for men and women who want to continue to appear young, healthy, and relevant to the professional or dating scene. Many of my patients choose to undergo facelifts even in their 40s or 50s so that they can come into their more mature years with a positive outlook.

3. Customizable Options Allow Facelifts to Address a Range of Concerns

Men and women hoping to look their best right now have a range of facial rejuvenation options to meet their appearance needs, both surgical and nonsurgical. Like many procedures aimed at minimizing signs of aging, facelifts are customized for each individual. In my practice, I take care to create subtle, natural looking facelift results that address the needs of moderate as well as advanced signs of aging.