Life Expectancy of Breast Implants

shutterstock_278020784The life expectancy of breast implants is an oft-discussed topic during breast augmentation consultations with Dr. Nirav Savalia. Women that make the time and financial commitment of surgery want to know how long they can reasonably expect to enjoy their results. Dr. Savalia thought this would make an excellent topic for a blog post; he addresses the answer here. Continue reading “Life Expectancy of Breast Implants”

Male Breast Reduction Inquiries on the Rise This Year

bigstockphoto_before_848431Women are not the only ones concerned about the size of their breasts. It is estimated that as many as 4 in 10 men have enlarged breasts and, if recent reports are to be believed, a large number of these men seek surgical correction for the condition.

Dr. Nirav Savalia can vouch that the number of men inquiring about breast reduction is on the rise. He has noticed an uptick in requests for male breast reduction consultations and believes that for the right candidate, the surgery is tremendously rewarding. Continue reading “Male Breast Reduction Inquiries on the Rise This Year”